Smash n Grab 2021?

Anyone else playing smash n grab this year? Is anyone having any troubles with it at all? I made sure my updates were turned off in Steam( well not turned off but scheduled for late at night) so hopefully I will be ok, but am curious to hear y’all answers.

So currently using the mod smash n grab, working great but item transfer is broken. There is no way to toggle item stash/item transfer on smugglers interface. I am running base game no expansions. Do I have to install expansions for it to fix itself? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Foehammer have been playing SnG for a lil while, as far as I know it was updated to include AoM & FG so that’s probably where the issue is, its looking for files you don’t have, I have both and the only bug with the stash is the button is slightly misaligned (I am going to try and fix that at some point it bugs me lol).
It even works with Item Assistant (which is kinda needed when you play SnG because of that drop rate)

Ah I see. Well thanks for responding sir.

Theres a brand new version on nexus. Two versions. Yesterday the new one had a bug he fixed keeping fingers crossed. And other moved level cap to 200.

Interesting. Great to hear (although I have since been playing vanilla ). My main concern was drop rates for epics and legs but in ultimate they drop fairly often, plus if they drop all the time it takes the fun out of it I find. But the 200 level cap is insane!