snb demo devotion setup

so Im levelling a fire strike demo, will make him into a shieldbreaker when fg drops.
I thought for a bit about the devotion setup, but am not sure if this is optimal, or at all viable.
obviously this isnt the best setup for a shieldbreaker, but for a snb demo only it’s the best I can come up with.

I didnt look at the skill distribution etc yet, but tips are still welcome.

maybe its worth it to drop the point in ulzuin’s torch and the two points in phoenix to get the rhowans crown skill (and bind it to flashbang), like so:

maybe it would be better to go for light of empyrion instead of the whole eldritch/chaos route.
I dont know. please send advice


You might want to hold off on deciding the Devotion setup for a bit anyway… FG Devotions aren’t in the GrimTools calc just yet. Those and FG items will be updated in there sometime just before release.

it is easy to redo the devotions you know.


suppose I wanted to make a solo mastery snb demolitionist, based around fire strike. etc etc
how are those^ setups

Do tell?


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Get crown, and ghoul is very nice for melee circuit breaker.

here you go

I’m no Demo expert so might as well hear what others think on it… doesn’t look horrible or anything tho.

thanks for the response, but isnt it a big loss to go from sailors guide to eel, because of the slow/phys res?

You can get slow res from mark of the traveler (plus almost every pair of boots have slow res), freeze res from frozen heart and 3% physical res is nothing.

isnt fiend better than bat?

The proc is dope yes, you can take fiend instead of bat.