So bored

Almost two months that my pc die :frowning:


Damn son. I couldnt even survive for a day.

Yeah this sux!

Damn two months without a pc. :eek: I’d be going absolutely insane.

About a year and a half ago my GF rekt my laptop by spilling ramen noodles on it, fried the mobo. luckily she was able to get me a new one in a couple weeks. weeks were bad enough, but months man :cry:

Good luck on getting a new one asap :slight_smile:

Yeah. Eff that shit. It would be dark days indeed with no PC. I can’t even remember what I did back in the day before owning one.

Oh, that’s right, my nose was usually stuck in a book, a video game, or trying to get laid or drunk or whatever or some kinda trouble.

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I use my PC for all of those things :wink:


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Happened to me a few months ago with my PSU, Died after 4 1/2 years. Was out without a computer for a week, it sucks but you gotta get over it =/

It worked out in the end tho because at the time Corsair was having a sale and i upgraded to they new RM1000 line they had for 55$

Yes but no $$$ and i choose not work in this fk life :smiling_imp:

Yeah, but, like, moneys are useful!

You just went to the bottom of my “people I respect list”. Please be useful in this life, don’t be a waste of human presence. Don’t make me hate you please.

Anywho I think getting my PC rekt wouldn’t be so bad, just that 1200$ down the drain would suck big fucking time. In the meantime to distract me I’ll probably take a lot more air in my face and face a more intense existential crisis. After all I guess having a PC ain’t that bad.

And you just went to the bottom of mine.

There are far worse things you can be than someone who doesn’t work. The negative effects of someone who doesn’t work are pretty negligible. Many jobs are a net negative for humanity, in fact. If being a non-working adult was such a terrible thing, jobs would be dropping into everyone’s laps. Human labor is getting more and more devalued by the minute. And, at the end of the day, humans don’t exist to be useful. Got your priorities backwards there.

A job maybe useful for the person in question, and, in that case, they should pursue it. Money, improving the world, doing something interesting, socialization, growth opportunities are all good reasons to pursue a job. “Not working is bad because society says so” is a terrible reason to pursue a job.

You’re right, I didn’t really think it through.
While I’m trying to detach myself from the image society might have of me one day, I can’t help but go back to it, and the proof is right here. I want to live without being bothered by what people think of me and at the same time I’m worried about what people think of me. Maybe one day I won’t be bothered by them, but until then I’m stuck in the middle confused and unhappy.

7 Billions people living in this world and thinking you’re important is like telling a terrible joke unless you have a great punchline. I don’t have one, and probably will never have one. So I am just searching for peace of mind while being angry most of the time and lifting to not feel weak. All in all I don’t know where I’m going but it sure ain’t what I planned (because I didn’t plan anything).

Now I’m not trying to shift the blame, I’ll always have things to learn and it’s been a while since someone told me something important, so thanks for that. Just let my hand go if I fall; I might just climb up again.

Even after what I said I don’t believe that’s the case. After thousands of years growing, can it be said that the human being is useful to itself as a species? I believe so. Even if I’m contradicting myself with my wish of living off the thoughts of being judged for my actions, the humans always thrived by helping each others. A (useful) job is the easiest way to help others in one way or another.
But after what you wrote I’ll join you and add that not working but being useful in some other useful way is very fine, too.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with being aware of, even concerned, with what society thinks of you. Humans live in society, humans are stronger in a society, and we do not want to be exiled from society. But that doesn’t mean that the greater society is always correct, or that it even has your best interests in mind. It plays safe, it tends to average things out. It’s important to not lose yourself inside of the society. And to advance, society need people who can move it forward.

Important? That’s a qualitative measure. Important is what you decide it is. Are you important to yourself? You should be.

Feeling weak? Humans are all weak. You’re confused because things are confusing. You’re unhappy because things are poor. Nothing worth worrying about. Search for the things that are not poor, those that can make you happy. There are plenty of poor things, you’re unlikely to run out of them.

Living in Antarctica probably doesn’t help, though. :smiley:

If a claim is to be made that humans exist to be useful, then that demands an answer to this question: “to whom?” To whom are we bound? We can’t be bound to each other, since none of us have initiated this bond, and we are on an equal footing. It must be some greater force. So that would be an original creator or evolution or both. But definitely not us.

I refuse to consider myself responsible for any bond I did not initiate. There was no contract I signed. There’s nothing I did that obliges me to be useful for others. I am not interested in living for the sake of being useful to evolution, as I despise it. And I’m definitely not interested in living for the sake of humans who came earlier and decided that the mere fact of them being here earlier entitles them to such a bond.

I live for my own motives. They may involve me being useful to other humans. But it will be humans I hand pick, and it still doesn’t mean that I live to be useful, just that I choose to be useful. It is interesting that so many instances of humans being useful to each other involved a total breach of consent, no?

Some humans choose not to be useful. That is the problem of those who attempted to enforce a contract that was never signed.

Don’t have anything to say on your first paragraph. I agree.

Well aren’t you inherently important to yourself since you keep yourself alive?

It’s true, after all we are only made of flesh and bones with a small protective surface. All of what’s inside us is prone to diseases making us even weaker.
What baffle me is that even after thousands of years of written and preserved History and Philosophy I can’t make my mind up. Will things always be confusing for anyone? Accepting there is no sense in some things is a very weird things and seem impossible. The concept of nothingness is scarier than death, and perhaps that’s why we fear it. Do religious people fear it as much as rational ones? Maybe not if they believe in an afterlife. Well if they were afraid we wouldn’t have suicide bombers in the first place… Or the Kymon’s Chosen ayy
I’m thinking about taking some days off, off of everything and just “meditating” for a few days in the middle of nowhere on ground as to reflect on my life and not the ones of others, for once. It’s been a long time coming, I always thrived while being alone after all.

Well at least I’d like to get some vacations or something there, see what it’s like!

How would evolution bind us together?

Yes, nobody signed a contract when we first came upon this world, and even so, any contract you may sign are words and/or paper and do not bind you in any way, shape or form. It’s just morals after all.
I’m not sure I’m following you with you despising evolution. Why do you hate it?

I did use my parents for many years already, like everyone else really. Soon to break contact forevermore as I realized I kind of hate them, for many things. Did not realize it. Besides them I have nobody because I chose so, there is no one I wish to let in my life for now. I do not understand why I’m still using my computer every day (actually I do it’s just to pass time). Things have to end and it shouldn’t matter when; for objects not made by Mother.

Well, I guess not being useful is alright. You’re right, you can’t force somebody doing something he doesn’t want to do. Unless he’s a slave and shit but that’s another story. He’d probably break free (in some way) at some point if he really wanted though.

I have my own views on why things will be confusing for a while but that’s not going to really fit into an offtopic thread. I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing for too long, and, at this point, my conclusions are so far away from the general consensus (including the aforementioned History and Philosophy) that it’s near impossible to bridge. Same for roles of religion and how they deal with death and why they do it that way. My despising of evolution plays into that. I believe we’re highly manipulated by evolution (a form of binding) and that’s why we don’t understand what’s going on. When evolution is replaced by “God” by atheists, this seems to become obvious. But it should be obvious enough that there’s no need for evolution to possess sapience for us to assign malevolence to it.

I don’t think I’ve played the game enough to understand WTF is going on with Kymon’s Chosen, haha.

I fear suffering a lot more than nothingness. Positive experience > Nothingness > Negative experience is, I feel, the more accurate scale. People are afraid to die mostly because evolution coded it that way. Similar to how evolution coded people to easily feel useless (because to evolution, we ARE useless unless we fit highly narrow criteria). People also don’t want to die because one’s nothingness is not equivalent to another’s (i.e., loved one’s dying affect other people). One about to enter nothingness may nonetheless care about what happens after they die. Despite that, many people nevertheless want to die, like you said. So, clearly, many people prefer nothingness and related consequences to various other things.

Well aren’t you inherently important to yourself since you keep yourself alive?

As I say above, that motivation belongs to the evolution. You’re important to it (at a rudimentary level), so it keeps you alive. For that motivation to be yours, you need to take it back, and find a more advanced reason than the instinct of self-preservation. I haven’t found that most people consider themselves important.

At the end of the day, I think people are more scared of the unknown, which is very rational. Almost all non-religious people are highly convinced that death leads to total nothingness. I find that a bit unlikely. There’s no reason for me to assume a significant degree of stability or predictability about the high level rules of the world. On some level, I think a lot of people feel the same.

Sad to hear you hate your parents. That sucks. We tend to base a lot of behavior on what happened to us in particular. A lot of the time it makes a lot of sense, but it’s still not much of a shortcut to truth. Humans are not very well optimized for loneliness so you may encounter difficulties. Also, you’re still talking to us, so you’re not truly alone, are you? :wink:

I find your view on Evolution interesting, never thought about it much before, just took it for granted and didn’t blame on it much.

Idk either about Kymon’s Chosen. They’re probably simple fanatics gifted with some arcane powers. The ODV say it best after all. That’s probably the reason why they’re not that fleshed out while the opposite faction is fucking bonkers in terms of lore. That said I despise KC so I don’t know much about their lore.

Suffering isn’t fun that’s for sure, but from experience you forget about that pretty fast. But somehow when it’s the spirit that suffers it doesn’t go away, it just bid its time. Kind of like cancer but somehow worse.

I wonder if philosophers such as Schopenhauer or Nietzsche ever thought about themselves and declared implicitly or not that they are useful. Granted I never read their stuff whole because I can’t help but zone out quickly when reading on paper for some reason… And all in all I don’t know much about their philosophy. Just that they weren’t the happiest men in the world.

I like the idea of something after death, but since there’s no way of knowing what happens when your brain stop functioning, it’s not pretty. Not sure what else to say, besides “I’ve been listening to a lot of music about mortality and the songs are pretty fucking good”.

Oh they were good parents don’t get me wrong, but the shit they said and did (and still say/do) to me or in general was enough to let loose. If I’m in doubt I just need to remember that they threatened to get depressed because I was depressed. Works wonders to fuel my hate towards two people who never asked for it. And I don’t like them as people so yeah, no big deal in burning bridges here.

Nowadays no one is truly alone in my opinion, but the feeling of loneliness is here and even with so many social shit around it’s just different. I like the community here and while I can be a huge cunt to some people who I think deserved it (I have a certain comment in mind but it’s elsewhere), I’ll probably forget about everything after I move on, like most things that happened before I ended up in this welcoming place.
Are people sadder than ever because of the high standard level of education? The fearmongering of news? Because people are getting weaker and weaker in proportion to the level of comfort they need? Hell if I know.

I definitely make a distinction between short-term suffering and chronic suffering. We as humans often don’t get to choose one or the other, though. PTSD, chronic pain, depression (is that what you mean by suffering of the spirit?), all can cause long-term suffering that just never goes away. And these can be triggered by a short-term event.

Realistically, the question has no answer. “What is good” or “what is useful” or “what is important” is a question that has to be answered with a certain reference point. The only reference points I’ve seen so far that are reasonable at all are sapient creatures (who have motivations, wants, likes, etc.), and mechanisms that exist in the world that resolve to a specific style of result (evolution).

I think Nietzsche was on to something in a lot of ways, but he never found an exit out of the hole he buried himself into, because he never properly let go of the things that his conclusions should have obviously contradicted. “We don’t matter”, “the world doesn’t care about you” are rather counterproductive memes that came out of a lot of philosophies of this style. My opinion, of course. It didn’t help that he existed a while ago. We need some modern philosophers instead of all the parroters we got.

I’d add that there’s no way to know what’s happening while your brain is functioning. Or how you got there in the first place. You’re assuming your state is fully controlled by the current traceable physical world. It’s an Occam’s Razor conclusion but I’m not convinced that Occam’s Razor is at all useful when trying to get a set of higher level possibilities of how things got the way they are.

Emotional abuse is a thing. Good parents / bad parents doesn’t necessarily have to be on the same scale as “people who hurt me”, though. At the end of the day, parents are just people, and they’re affected by their environments like everyone else, and are going to be messed up humans like everyone else. There is a degree of deviation that then distinguishes good or bad parent in this. That doesn’t mean that even great parents haven’t done harmful things, because we humans are messed up.

And if someone is really harmful to you you want to get away from them regardless of how justifiable their harmfulness may be. All you can do is try to be a better human than they were before because you should, hopefully, have better tools and information.

But do you want to forget? I was in a really nice forum community back before DIII came out (it was a forum devoted to waiting for DIII lol), and while it’s mostly gone due to the influx of very different people after DIII released, I still have fond memories of the place.

I believe people are sadder because we killed “God” and replaced them with an even shittier version of the same thing but with less filters (world worship).

Depression mostly strips away your feelings and make you somewhat helpless, I had something more personal and painful in mind that did happen on the account of being depressed.

For all these reference points you also have to take into account the morals of the single individual that asks himself these questions, as not all humans are similar.

There’s quite some philosophers alive, it’s just that no one gives a shit about them except a handful of people, so they stay in the shadow and you have to dig for them like you have to dig to find good music. But since they are very rare compared to music makers, it’s even harder.

Using the Ockham’s Razor here is indeed not very useful. It’s all a matter of beliefs at this point since you can’t prove anything relating to “before” and “after”. Although this principle have been used for religious purposes, so why not.

I couldn’t agree more. But when you hate someone for good reasons it’s going to be near impossible to change stance.

Better and worse at the same time.

Does it matter if you forget? I have memories with small communities and we all had a great time (mostly remember a guild I was in for the release of Guild Wars 2) for some time, but eventually I forgot until you brought this up again. I don’t miss it and don’t feel like I should hang on to that memory or similar.
There’s no memory I’d like to hang onto in fact, as I fear it might stop me from growing as a human. May be the wrong approach but I never stopped to ask myself what I could do differently.

Teh drama.

If you don’t work how would you get food, new games and pay for the energy, internet access and real estate taxes? :stuck_out_tongue: