So it looks like can get 0.5 sec Doombolt now...

Anyone tried this? Which class did you pair it with? How did you deal with the energy cost? What devotion is best to assogn to it?

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I wanna try, but it would be interesting to see energy consumption on it. Idk if 2x bloodsworn Gun is a good Way to Go. Better an off hand with some energy sustain and you get 1.05 Cd with Bonuses and~30% CDR. Also might help your build more overall.

And i’d assign manticore probably

I actually made a mistake its as 1sec cooldown with 2 guns with 1 gun and ~30% cooldown is 1.4sec cooldown as base cooldown is 6.5, for some reason I thought base was 6sec

Why manticore if your after the -resist elemental storm is better.

I’d try it myself but I don’t have the helmet or gloves…

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Might want to check what elemental storm does again.

Don’t have the gear to try it, but one thing I’m fairly sure of. If it is doable the road to energy sustaining is going to go through Harp devotion.

I’m afraid elemental storm would only help Fire Doom Bolt

Oh for some reason I thought it was all resists like manticore… little off topic but seen -phys resist from break morale stacks with manticore would elemental storm stack with manticore?

For energy wouldn’t it be better getting tree of life and harvest scythe instead of harp? That way you’re still getting +2 energy regen and 20% regen, and regen proc but you’re also getting a lot of other relevant stats as well where with harp pretty much only thing you’re getting is the proc…

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Break morale doesn’t stack with manticore. They are both flat values. Break morale is not -% rr.

Storm doesn’t stack with manticore. It would simply “override” manticore when doing any kind of elemental damage. Both are, again, flat RR values and flat rr doesn’t stack, only highest applies to the relevant element in debuffs

The proc on harp restores 25% of your total energy pool every time it triggers (with an offhand, every 10 secs or so) in addition to the 7 energy/sec. Not to mention the DA/OA. It also gives 2 blue/gold towards your other devotions so it isn’t necessarily an either/or thing.

Yeah i think only Vitality DB can pull this off given where Hungering void lies on devo map

Actually i’m more curious to see how hard it hits with %weapon dmg added by harbinger set.

Won’t hit harder than a DB with vit mods and added flat dmg. 60% wp dmage is blind fury and Fury is not exactly spectacular in that department. The cool thing about it is that you can Life steal with it and a bit of extra DmG of course

The resist cheat sheet thing says that they do stack though…

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Nope, manticore and elemental storm are in the same column/category, and above it says pick highest value