So Mad Queen is stronger than a nemesis?

The game sez so. Greatest monster killed: mad queen. Is she reeeeeeally stronger than the new nemesis bosses?

Mad Queen is an odd one. It’s the same for most other Nemeses but certain builds will struggle with her and other builds are capable of destroying her with ease (DoT builds for example).

The food chain should be updated, Kuba can kick MQ’s sorry ass everytime, maybe even Grava can too.

MQ is a lazy design and a gimmick, nothing more, nothing less.

To me Mogdrogen is the laziest design for a boss. Would’ve been cooler if at 50% health he “transformed” into a giant wolf(a.k.a dies and another character model takes his place like Karroz and Warden)

Instead he turns into a big damage sponge with boring as shit summons

I’d reserve my judgement till the content is balanced. Currently it seems the new nemesis including alex are prone to damage spikes. If we balance out their damage I wonder how they’ll fare against MQ

The entire gimmick of Mad Queen just seems like it was a response to what a lot of people were complaining at the time and it was that melee builds were the strongest. And even with this, melee builds just went and killer her anyway.

cuz she’s the only female boss? // not count Iron Maiden because she’s human, not a monster :p:p:p

MQ just takes forever to take down, but you will likely be ok dealing with her. nemesis usually have much crazier damage