So my thread was deleted ....

I finally beat the game lvl 50. Go to turn in last quest and the tooltip box has summoners gloves legendary. Score. Thats what im playing is a pet build. I accepted the rewards and went into my inventory and I had a Legendary wand instead of the gloves. The wand is not at all good for me and once more my gloves that the game said they were giving me were nowhere to be find. Not in my stash not in any of my inventory slots NOWHERE.

What the crap.

Not sure which thread you are referring to, but this is a known issue…

sheesh just came back to play been a while since i played, stumbled upon this post, glad i haven’t done this quest yet, as this is a huge bug.

U guys sound like u’ve been robbed by someone, or someone gave u not what u were deserved to get, when all in all this bug is only about SHOWING u the wrong item. U still get the one RANDOM legendary, as u were supposed to,though it shows u the other one due to a bug sheesh.

What’s a huge bug? That you get the reward item you were supposed to, but the quest reward window displays something else? I would put display issues pretty low on the totem pole of bugs.

Actually I’d say thats a pretty huge bug that its showing you a different item than what it gives you. Could piss a bunch of people off if it shows an item thats kick ass for their build. In my case like it did me. So get off your high horse of trying to tell me that this bug is no big deal at all.

Calm down. Yes seeing something that would have been good for your build and not getting it would be a little annoying but it’s not a game breaking bug and I’m sure it will be fixed fast just like other issues have been.

Plus you can see something you hate and then get something you like, it’s not like it works out annoyingly everytime.

Either way, you are getting a more or less “free” item. You could just be left with what drops from the monster and thats it. Understandably, it does suck to see something you want in the UI, and then look through your stash to find something a whole lot less cool.

Thats fine, but to me thats a serious bug thats been overlooked. I mean how can they even put the game out in this state and have a bug like that… and its whatever its just one item.

Oh my gosh, the terrible state of the game, however will we get by when the game tells us we’re getting one item but we’re getting another in like one instance in the entire game, whatever will we do??? It’s the end of days, the game is clearly not complete, this is worse than the early access atrocities on Steam!!!

Lol what ? Grim dawn has less bugs than 90% of games I play and not one has been game breaking, just small stuff.

You didn’t lose the item or anything like that, you got your reward, the ui just showed a different item, it really isn’t that bad. Now if you didn’t get the item or an item was stolen from you then fine but I think your seeing this as much worse than it is.

Crate is composed by a small team of developers, so stuff like that can happen… it is a frustrating bug, yeah, but hardly hazardous or game breaking, since you’re still getting a reward.

Try working as a programer, then you’ll understand “how they can put the game out with a bug like this”.

to clarify the OP said “Not in my stash not in any of my inventory slots NOWHERE.” when i posted my response it sounded like there was no item given at all. The was the huge bug i was talking about.

Now that i know it is only a display bug i will be prepared for it.

However if i did not know this information and got a legendary that was different from what was displayed, well then yes this would seriously annoy me.