So now that Aether and Vit damage have some nice gear support...

How about some more Chaos damage support and RR options? Perhaps something that tacks on Chaos RR to CoF/Vuln? Always felt really weird that CoF/Vuln did nothing for Chaos damage when Occ is probably the biggest dealer in Chaos.

Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut adds 15% Chaos resist debuff to CoF. Plus there’s some new items with chaos resist debuffs.

Oh, how about that. Well, that gives me an idea for something else. Are any of the other items things I could work around the Harbinger set? I have a crazy idea for a Deceiver.

EDIT: wait, the Harbinger Chaos RR doesn’t stack, does it? Phooey. Back to the drawing board.

You mean the Harbinger of Eternal Suffering not stacking with itself (which it can’t) or stacking with other sources of Chaos RR? Because in the latter case it can.

There’s Voidheart ring which has a -10% Chaos RR plus it converts 30% Fire to Chaos.

Oh, crap, you’re right, I just looked at the RR rundown. God it’s been too long since I played this. Now to just find decent pants, armor, boots, shoulders…