So you lose a devotion point by siding with the Order?

I guess you lose out on a devotion point by not siding with Kymon’s. Is there anywhere I should post for a MP game so I can go get it before moving on to Elite?

Not that I am aware of. Which shrine are you refering to?

Edit: I think I know. There are two different areas, which can be accessed by opening a secret door by using a “switch”. One of them is for the quest for Kymon’s Chosen, but you won’t find the shrine there. It’s in the other place, which is accessible for all.

The only shrine that i know of that is faction based is from the Rovers. You have to be honored with them and its the mogdrogen shine in act 4.

Neither Kymons nor Order have faction based shrines as far as i know, which is like 99.9% sure as i frequently get all 28 shrines in normal/vet before moving onto elite.

I’m not sure what you mean either. The only thing that siding with one faction or the other locks you out of is the other faction’s HQ, and there are no shrines in either of those.

There is 53 shrines in the game I think so even if you did miss out on one you will get them all anyway no matter what.

Ooooooooooooooooooh, I bet this is it. Those places do look remarkably similar.

That is definitely what the OP is getting confused with.

Thanks, eis.


Yeah I was confusing the two “Tomb of…” areas.