Soldiers and hunters

  1. Soldiers - when they wear plate armors, at some point they want to wear leather jacket at the same time. So they go to storehouse to get jacket, then after making 2 steps back to the barracks the jacket gets automatically put back to storehouse because they have plate armors on them. But they want it so badly, they go back to storehouse to wear it on again, just to get it unequipped again, ending in infinite loop moonwalking like Michael Jackson. I watched it happening for like 3 years, reloading the game seems to fix it for some time.

  2. Hunters - it’s just their weird behavior. When the boar attacks one of your villagers - all other folks nearby go for the kill, except for the hunters who run away instead, shouldn’t it be other way around? And then they don’t hesitate at all to attack a wolf or a bear. That just makes no sense at all.

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