Solid crucible build utilizing


First post! I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with this game, even though I’m loving it. I have a good 200 hours clocked and returned recently to it for the expac and made a bleed/vitality death knight, but am really struggling in ultimate at level 76. I feel like I can’t really get properly started with the game until I have a character combination/build reliable enough to beat ultimate and decently farm crucible for gear that I can slap on characters I want to make, so I’m turning to you guys for a little advice.

Basically, I’d like some pointers as to what class I can make to punch my way to ultimate Malmouth and farm crucible. I have a 62 warder whom I find terribly boring, the crappy DK and a 87 witch hunter with about 8000 deaths that dies if something sneezes at him too close. I wouldnt terribly mind rolling something from scratch either too, particularly if it uses one of the expac classes…

Thanks for reading if you did, tried to keep it short and to the point. Sorry if this is a spammy thread, but theres just so much stuff here on the forums I didnt know where to even start looking for this when I found the place.

you could post your chars with the
So we can take a look at what’s going on

Otherwise you could take a look at the Compendium (Currently not that many builds, but the addon is new I guess)

Or here a google Doc of the guy who keeps the Compendium Up to date with some builds.