Som general questions about the game

Hey big thanks for the tips and the leveling video! Much appreciated.

Although I’m an arpg veteran since Diablo1, I’m also a complete Grim Dawn noob (just bought it on recent Steam deal), so sorry for the question, but i didn’t figure out yet what you mean by

  • “some MIs” - what’s MIs ?
  • “focusing Prism component from DC” - is that the component giving you +8 to all basestats? what’s DC?
  • what’s “Soul Shards” ? - didn’t find anything about it (Skill/Item/Affix/Devotion/etc?)

Oh that’s neat, will surely speed up leveling and such … i figured, this game has (oh so many) various damage types and some of them have also a DoT component … Fire-Burning, Vita-VitaDecay, Acid-Poison, etc.

I’m sure I’ll find it somewhere, but do you know if there’s some “red line / guideline” throughout the campaign on how to do it properly/which route to take and which quests are important (which are not)? I had a Necro summoner going so far and did all quests that i had found, got to upper right, then upper left and stopped currently somewhere in the City of sands.


monster infrequents (search for it if still not enough) that boost the build while leveling - I have 5 of them on my on this Drain Essence leveling build above

component, the first one provides - % Energy cost and is available at Devil’s Crossing
the second gives Energy absorption and Vitality res, drops randomly after you’re high level enough

Not the proper place for it (and general questions), please find it elsewhere. Also I think if you’re that new, maybe don’t do Drain Essence honestly. Unless you enjoy some potential struggles and figuring out solution for them instead of just wanting as easy leveling as possible (most new players) till level 100.

Mods please move this post and the one above into a more general thread.

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with Cold Drain Essence Reaper I like to move to Forgotten Gods (the last act) just after the 1 Act (after killing Krieg) so that I can get these sweet shoulders and belt that convert Vitality damage to Cold.

but normally you just follow acts in order / do mandatory quests

In 1.2 some important quests can be skipped on Normal and Elite (Elite can be skipped altogether) and only done in Ultimate now because of the following change:

if having troubles with particular quests / not knowing what to do, I recommend Grim Dawn Discord
for general info on the game, is also useful

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oh ok thanks! are these shoulders + belt region specific? Or faction specific (dreeg/bysmiel/solael)?

Also, is there a specific faction to take from the cult? or it doesn’t really matter for (cold) Drain Essence Reaper?

Yeah Rekt is a nice guy, i watched already some videos of him, thanks

region specific, drop in specific places at the end of FG

Doesn’t matter. You get some initial rep boost for one of the faction which means a different starting movement skill from augment but you can get everything eventually.

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