Some crazy ideas ;D

  1. Uneducated"profesionals" - you can build some buildings without a part of its technology BUT not having the technology you may suffer bad quality production, slow production(usual), even harmful defected items(axe broke and injured woodcuter), buildings may colapse ( building stone stuff without adeqate masonery level).

  2. There is good potential for some even erlier development gameplay, more tribal like setling, more strugles basicly. What you do in this may lead in different tech tree configs (routes) - for example if you do fishing lots then you can reserch and get fishing stuff esier and faster.

  3. Raiders could get scared if you look strong, then wait somewhere on the map for next wave and join them, you can go hunt them. Loot from killed raiders. Diferent types of raiders with different goals (destroy all; steal; get food; take slaves etc.) Some boss raiders could have ability to turn your buildings in temporrary fortified defences for themselves insted of just destroyng it.

  4. Other random SCAMERS - crucked traders; anoying baggers; pochers; drunkards; psicho murderer doctor; black magician cultist; smugglers. Basicly rare random events you got to deall with, some may be hired some just need to be destroyed. For some time before you get warning messege from willagers you could notice them doing theyre stuff and prevent it erlier (cultist building his shrine in the woods from human bones).

  1. profesionals - high cost of training but increses proficiency big time; has ability to do something unique. mayby limited number.

  2. building/jobs - for geting more detailed/more acurate info about resources; water etc. Like geologist. maybe they could find hiden resource veines and hiden water veines.

  1. townsmen sometimes give you ideas(quests) some are stupid useles or harmful, some are good and usefull. You need to figuer out and chose to accept or decline the idea. It could work tghrough secret unloocks; unicue profesions etc.

All the ‘professional’ characteristics could be included under the umbrella title: Master, as in Master Carpenter, Master Mason, Master Miner, etc.
Master Miners would be the ones to find new ore deposits and might even be required to build the new Deep Mines and Quarries just announced.
Master Masons/Carpenters might speed up building projects in stone or wood - like Walls and Towers, Theatres, Upgrades of Town Centers, etc.

Quests or (re)quests from Townspeople would be one way to start a system of “Narrative Events” that help you write a specific Town History in the game, providing both role-playing and personalizing events for the gamer.