Some help with my blademaster

Hi guys i wondering if any could give a look to my build, i have issue on crisol and sr, if i try crisol only one time with buff i can reach 169 and die ( something weird happend me yesterday, i dont reach 110 and one hero shoot me one lightning on my head debuff me and kill me in one hit ). If i try sr they take too mutch time, so im dead, i can search nemesis but it take time searching all maps, what can i do ?

with buffs or without buffs. And a physical blademaster? i mean there is much synergy to make a pierce char from nightblade. Often the oneshots from elemental enemies is due to the debuff they do and since its your lowest res it could have been that other than that its hard to tell. You could consider something like grim internals mod to see wtf is going on.

Without buff i have this stats
OA : 2351
DA: 2968
DPS: 30k
AR: 3865

With buff
OA: 2764
DA: 3088
DPS: 41679
AR: 4886

What other thing i can do ? Spellbreaker ? Remember now the compendium X doesnt have all builds they have before, i really dont know what can i do, i have a 2h nature warder but i cant finish crisol. I need to go 1h+shield for more defense ? Im really lost, with the bm i can kill Nemesis but i cant kill celestial.

Do a Pierce or cold blademaster?

Thx but i check some builds and i going to make a Warlord 1+shield

U can try my 1h shield Blademaster that is tanky too. U can find on my profile.

Hi guys i come back again here because happend me something really weird, i can go maps and kills nemesis, i dont have any issue, but when i join Crucible i die, doesnt matter if i die before 120 or 150 or any other. Nemesis inside crucible hit more harder inside then outside crucible ?

The set i have is because a friend let me join on 71 and i buy the set there, at the moment i cant get Mythical Reaver’s Claw
What can i do ? I can make dungeons without issue, the only who give me some fight is Gargabol on ancient grove on second stage if i dont have careful with fire on ground they kill me, so i hit, kit and back.