Some jewelry Augments power balance feedback

1) The top lv. 90 Augments tend to be the ones that give OA/DA + any other decent perks, which makes me keep going to Osyr’s Temper (55 OA/50 DA) or the ones with 12 flat damage + 70 or 75 DA/OA.
These are so valuable that they are as good as irreplaceable by what else is currently available.

2) Then there are some that can be useful to fill a specific need such as Osyr’s Wisdom (3% OA, resists, 50% Ele damage), Sylvarria’s Essence (3% OA, 15% Poison res), and the pet and retaliation/tank ones for their niches.
I would put these as high tier.

3) These are followed by the 70 DA + 50% damage ones. These are almost there but there isn’t really a reason to use these over the best ones, unless you really need the Energy regen in something like an AAR build.
They could probably use a very small boost to put them closer to the above category.

4) Lastly you have those that were seemingly dealt a bad hand by their maker: the ones that give no OA/DA nor major perks such as important resists or flat damage.
Typhoon Powder & Steelbloom Powder for example are outperformed by Hammerfall Powder (350 Health can almost never compete with 70 DA), which is in turn outperformed by one of the top tier ones.

I think the 350 Health 50% damage ones need another stat for them to fill a niche, such as 15% to a useful resist.
The ones that give 1.5 Energy regen could probably be bumped to 2 or 2.5 regen so if you’re giving up the OA from Osyr’s Temper you’re getting serious regen back for it at least.

(Or ready the pitchforks and take the top choices down a notch :p)

Some comments about specific Augments:

Ateph’s Promise: either the Petrify reduction on this is valued very highly or it’s missing some stats

Basilisk’s Gaze: as a Chaos build, Osyr’s can’t be beaten, and for Acid you’d probably want the 70 DA ones or Temper as well unless you already had 3000+ DA.
The armor stats or the damage could use a small bump to set it apart

Irrah’s Venomtongue & Rotgut Venom: both of these are hybrids also aimed at pets; I’d suggest for one of them to be reworked into an attacker one with 12 flat Acid damage, which currently isn’t available


Very good suggestions.