Some newbie questions

So i am fairly new to the game and been playing around with a things and seen some builds here using primal and thunderous strike so it goes off constantly also using other weapon skill procs but Thunderous strikes says it doesn’t allow those to proc so i am confused

Also would a Wind devil combined with Guardian of Emperrion build ever work since they both scale with player damage and you could have them kill things or is it not practical?

The keyword is default weapon attack. Thunderous Strike is notoriously confusing because it uses an attack animation instead of a casting one (and uses attack speed instead of casting speed I think?), but think of it as casting a spell with your weapon as fast as you can attack. You’re not actually attacking normally (a.k.a. not a default weapon attack) so weapon skill procs like Feral Hunger won’t apply. That’s what the explanation on it means. Could you post a link to one of these builds that supposedly do both?

Re: Wind Devil and GoE, yes one could theoretically do that, but Wind Devils do Phys/Cold/Lightning and GoEs do Phys/Fire. It wouldn’t be an efficient combo because you’d need to buff all 4 of those damages to maximize its effectiveness. If you could convert Wind Devil’s Cold and Lightning to Fire though, that’s another story (and I think there’s an item that helps with that).

Its more things like Cadence or Righteous Fervor would not work with Primal strike but would work with things like Brute force mostly just trying to figure out waht to do as i like seeing all the lightning explosions so i guess just combining Primal strike with wind devils and watch all the zaps

Probably not a top build but i can always play something else later

Thunderous Strike is strong both in melee and ranged.Ultos set is your goal,for ranged weapon you can farm Sparkthrower or use Raka Jax.

I think he refers to the builds that use transmuted Primal Strike and Savagery or Rightgeous Fervor. In case of those builds Primal Strike is used as the primary attack while Savagery or Rightgeous Fervor get used every few seconds. This is most easily done if PS is bound to left and Savagery to right click and you simply alternate for a few hits every 2 seconds. The reason for doing so is not the skill itself but the buffs that come with Savagery/RF respectively being Tenecity of the Boar (OA/DA/Slow Resist), Storm touched (AS) and Concecration (DA/AS/Resistances/Armor) that apply as long as you keep at least 1 stack up.