Some Pierce and Bleeding feedback based on my builds, by mad_lee (WiP)

This is a feedback made by mad_lee, I am posting it on his behalf.

This is going to be an ongoing feedback about some of my Pierce and Bleeding builds. This includes builds that are performing well and builds that aren’t.

Updated for 14th of July test patch

Bleeding Trickster with a shield


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It’s peculiar that it was the shield that finally made a Bloodrager Trickster into a build that can consistently farm any kind of endgame content, but it is what it is. And it’s great. This shield and adding damage reduction to belt proc was just what the doctor ordered. Despite build doing very well I do have a couple of suggestions, mostly nitpicking but still.


  • Add some +blade spirit bonus to Bleeding gear. As you can see despite having a shield, Reaper pants and a ring I still can’t hard cap it. I think having +2 to Blade Spirits on Bloodrager won’t break it (it’s not Pierce after all)
  • Lagoth’Ak’s Bloodbinding medal is great, but it only drops in Bastion of Chaos. Not sure if it’s intended or not, but having it drop in SR/Crucible would be great.

Wildblood Bleeding Trickster


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Before the test patch (average run is closer to 4:40, fastest run was 4:17): (4:28)

In the test patch: (4:39 with amazing mutators)

So while being the king of bleeding builds in patch this build got nerfed in the test patch. The result is ~15 seconds drop off in the performance. I am not sure why it deserved a nerf: without specific min-maxed greens and in the hands of an average pilot this is just a normal 5 minute Crucible build. My latest fastest runs with it (including an amazing 4:17 run) was the result of dozens and dozens of attempts of fishing for a perfect storm of mutators and spawns.

It is pretty fast, but it’s not broken fast like some Pierce Casters pre BS nerf and it’s not invulnerable like Vitality Wildblood builds. Moreover, given that the diversity in Bleeding meta endgame is almost non-existent, I am not sure hurting one of the few performing Bleeders is warranted.


  • Revert the nerfs to the Bleeding part of Wildblood and just leave one of the very few performing Bleeding builds be. Bleeding meta doesn’t have much.

Pierce Bleeding BA\RoS Blademaster with Nadaan


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This build’s performance hasn’t changed, fastest runs are still around 4:40, which is great for a gimmicky niche build (gimmicky because Bloodrager doesn’t support Pierce). What’s interesting is that custom version with about ~300% more pierce damage and much more OA and lower cd on Ring of Steel performs just slightly better. The whole archetype is custom made for Bloodbriar’s crazy Ring of Steel boost and yet it doesn’t yield the results you expect.


  • Nadaan’s sword’s RoS mod could use a buff. Weapon damage (like around 50-75%) would be really nice. If it’s too much it can always be adjusted. And conversions on Nadaan are still not making any sense.

Sharpshooter Purifier

No guide (yet)

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Before the test patch (average run is closer to 4:45, fastest run was 4:15 in slightly glassified version with very lucky spawns): (4:28)

This one is truly great. A well-balanced blue set makes this Purifier probably the strongest all-around ranged build currently. I like everything about this set: the stats, gimmicky flashbang from the belt (it makes monsters run away confused, but it’s ok), pass through wps. Only thing that is sad about it is that Valdun set is left in shambles and is completely outshined by Sharpshooter (please don’t nerf Sharpshooter because of that).


  • Final set bonus - 30% of Fire converted to Pierce doesn’t make sense. It’s redundant: gun already has ~50% elemental to pierce (which adds up weirdly to single element conversions) and shoulder slot is free for easily farmable green Chosen Epaulets that give up to 36% elemental to pierce conversion (and you can use Bladetwister ring too). Asking for Chaos to Pierce is probably too much. But literally any defensive stat here would be great instead, especially something like ~5% adtch or 10% health roll (build is kind of low on health even if you gather hp in ever slot).

Pierce Caster Infiltrator with Blade Spirits





Before test patch: (fastest was ~4:16 with some very lucky spawns)

In the test patch: (fastest was 4:51 with some very lucky spawns)

The build that has started the meta of Pierce casters. It lived through so many nerfs but this one is the end of it I am afraid. I have tried remaking it with the weapon that Crate suggests for Pierce Nightblade casters, and squeezed out ~200 more pierce damage and ~90 more OA (and hardcapped Blade Spirits with additional flat from Gildor). But it just doesn’t work. 40 seconds gain in Crucible timer ruin the build and transform it from god-tier all content crusher into a gimmicky niche campaign farmer.


  • No suggestions really. The fastest Pierce casters that are based on this build (like @grey-maybe ‘s Messenger glass cannon caster and his all around content crusher Blind Assassin Infiltrator) also took huge hits: Messenger Infiltrator lost about 15 seconds which is actually a lot given that it’s from 3:45 to 4 minutes and Blind Assassin lost about 20 seconds which is also huge given that it’s from ~4:10 to 4:30). But they kind of survived because they have additional RR support from items and had more damage initially. Pierce Brosnan is kind of dead, sorry to all the players who followed my guide and played this build.

Valdun’s Purifier


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In the test patch: (average run is ~5 minutes)

Poor Valdun, from a Top Gun to a Nerf Gun. One of the archetypes that Crate just couldn’t stop nerfing even after it had already become quite mediocre. This is about Purifier’s side of Valdun (because honestly Tactician’s side is even more depressing, like “100% Fire converted to Piercing damage to Cadence” has to be the most useless and weak full set bonus ever).

Here is a couple of screenshots that compare Valdun’s damage on FS to Sharpshooter’s:

Valdun vs. Sharpshooter

Blue set is ahead a little, but raw FS’ damage is not the reason Valdun is outshined here. Here are some of the set flaws that make Valdun mediocre:

  • Weak WPS from the amulet that takes up whopping 25% of your wps pool
  • Lack of skill points (set had +1 to demo removed at some point). While Sharpshooter rocks 20/12 FS and 22/12 ES Valdun has both skills at a laughable 14/12. Not a single item from the set gives bonus to FS or ES (but there is bonus to Flame Touched, like why?)
  • Useless conversions as set bonus. 50% Fire converted to Pierce, ugh, again, why? Where are the other items that give the same conversion? Crate knows full well that Fire to Pierce and Elemental to Pierce do not add up properly and yet…
  • Gun still has this useless skill. Using it decreases your overall dps. Why would you want another cooldown attack that interrupts your AA? Don’t know
  • Lack of AoE. It used to shine because of a great single target burst, now that has been taken care of (nerfed), it’s glaring how lacking it is in the aoe department. Low Explosive Strike and no pass through wps as well as lack of points for Word of Pain line makes up for poor experience playing endgame with this one where AoE is king


No suggestions really. I’ve made countless feedback threads about Valdun but all were ignored. At this point I gave up on the set.


Lee fix your RoS link that’s supposed to have bloodbriar. It’s full bloodrager. Totally makes all the suggestions invalid smh

I’d love to see how DW melee performs after belt nerf since that just killed LA charging tho I imagine reaver BM could still go sub 5 without LA.


Lee’s Pierce BA/RoS Blademaster with Bloodbriar amulet (the correct link for the one I mentioned in the previous post):

Fixed now :sweat_smile:

Sharpshooter purifier link is also wrong. The correct one is

Literally the reason why I did not post this comment after you asked, I have a thread of underperforming ranged builds hanging out hoping to raise the overall gun bar up and you want a defensive buff to hyperbole aside,

Forest for the trees, man

Elemental conversion needs to go back on the Pierce belt. It’s rly essential. As if crate would strip vitality conversion off of gladiator. I see no justification for this.

thread update with Valdun feedback

Ik zou graag willen weten waarom Nadaan en elemental-piercing conversies niet zijn toegestaan, maar Avenger wel en zelfs gebufferd.

Wat de riem betreft, zou ik graag zien dat er een apart alternatief wordt ingevoerd.