Some problems and secrets

I noticed during my last playthrough some problems or mysteries.
I have about 900 citizens, no growth in 6 years despite 200 housing units available, several months of food in advance and happy villagers. On the other hand I noticed that one of my workers smoking meat and fish was going to supply his smokehouse via the market with fish even though he had plenty of meat closer. Finally, a question: who is responsible for transporting the meat from the barn to the smokehouse or storeroom or cellar?
Thank you so much

They stated pop growth will be adjusted. Since the previous version pop capped at 1000 I doubt they put much thought into growth at that higher level.

However, perhaps it is possible to increase the population limit and some players have managed to reach populations of 1200 or even 1600 citizens.

My personaly biges City is abot 1937 Citizens, and i have ssen a screen from a town with 2200 citizens.