Some Questions about BladeMaster Build

I made a Blademaster for two reasons. One, I want the AOE (melee) destruction of my spellbreaker. But the toughness and survivability of the solider.

Problem is, I"m not sure I can accomplish what I want. I’ve already put full 50 points into solider, to get Oleron’s Rage. But now I wonder if I screwed myself because I really wanted the AOE damage of Nightblade’s DW line. Thing is, do I even need the DW line for awesome AOE damage ? Should I basically drop it, just 1 point to DW (if I went with a soldier relic instead) and not bother with the rest ?

Other questions - is a bleed/cold based build viable, even full 50 points into soldier line ? FYI, dual wield is what I want. Not interested in going to shield.

I also love Shadow Strike. I feel it’s crucial on some rather tough bosses. It’s also great for getting out of harm’s way and/or going after some a-hole shooting you from range. But I don’t see myself speccing that entire line and still having points for other skills. So, looks like base SS skill only.

Using grimcalc, it seems getting everything I want has proven rather difficult. Damn soldier has a ton of abilities that look great for both dps and survivability. So here I ask, what do I really need ? What’s essential to end game damage + survivability ? Possibly silly question, but do I even need a melee line, i.e. cadence ?

Currently, I am cadence + bleed based skills (such as OR), devotions, etc. But I find his AOE damage is limited to only 1-2 additional mobs. Even with Falcon Swoop proccing, often. I’m not 100% satisfied.

At first I was impressed that I did well in elite at level 38. It was tough, but doable. Currently level 50 doing pretty OK in act 3. Problem is, it seems to take me 1-2 seconds longer to kill mobs than my rated dps would suggest. It’s not bad. It just has me a little concerned about endgame. Where I should be speccing to get the damage I want, but still having survivability. Because that’s the one thing my Spellbreaker lacks, is survivability. He can kill anything. But is a little on the squishy side. And WEAK to nemesis mobs. Only mobs I cannot kill. Came close, but they spam shit on you and poof dead. Then when you die all the time and effort vanishes in the blink of an eye, as their G.D. health bar is vastly restored. :furious:

So encase I just confused everyone with my blabbery. Essentially, what I’m wanting is a DW build that hits MoFo hard, killing all mobs surrounding me, really fast. But also tough as I would need to be to kill anything, end game. So what do I need vs what’s superfluous. And don’t say OR, cuz I’ll cry muthaf’n dragon tears. :smiley:

Current spec, with bonuses +1 soldier and +2 or 3 to cadence skills. Any advice would be appreciated.

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added photos to original post.

I played Shadow Strike dual wield pierce Deathmarked set blademaster for months, then went to physical based dual wield cadence build with warborn set recently. If you want to play pierce or pierce/cold then it is standard to max both masteries for Oleron’s rage and execution/nightfall/blade spirit. If you want to try physical, then you would still want soldier maxed for Oleron’s rage, but i would stop at 20 in nightblade (or 40 if you feel like you need the survivability of circle of slaughter, i personally don’t). Either way you are still ok.

The difference in dps between the two is pretty small. Shadow strike mobility is replaced with a very powerful Blitz in the warborn build, and movement speed for both builds is always capped thanks in part to Oleron’s.

As far as AoE damage, both builds excel at it. The pierce build has numerous weapon pool skills, nightfall. and ring of steel, whereas physical utilizes Blitz and transmuted Blade arc. Both builds are supported by Oleron’s devotion proc as well.

Regard the AoE, max out Fighting Form for the extra target on each cadence hit and probably the best help for cadence is to add as much attack speed (PB etc) as possible so it procs as often as possible

You are joking right? Real dps difference is more than twice in favor of pierce (Im not talking about paper dps, dummy kill times are realistic way to measure it). Even going warborn armor is still better to build DW BM as a pierce dmg.

Dont max fighting form on a BM, its waste of points, period! Take some wps like belgo sh, wirl death, if you lack AOE, blade spirit/blades of wrath combo and blind fury are also more than helpful later.

To creator of the thread: There are idk how many guides how to build BM, all of them are ok and viable, pick the one and follow it. And for gods sake get rid of that hammer even shitiest derma slicer is better to use than that hammer on BM.

Also take out points from counter strike its worth one point investment max, take out some points from squad tactic and invest in PB (PB is by far best skill you have take it to 12/12). Max deadly momentum its of more importance than cadence cuz its buffs all of your atacks and not only one of 3. And for gods sake lose zolhans it hits only with one hand.
And best thing you can do is to go pierce dmg and max nights chill.

Edit 2:
If you have troubles surviving put some points into war cry and veil of shadows to shred your enemies OA, atc speed and dmg output.

Wow, technical. I like that.

Last night I did a few quests ( I’m lousy with mob names and quest names - but it was the queen bee bitch, blood grove, and everything in between ). I pretty much destroyed mobs fairly well. I was surprised at my overall damage, including AOE. So it seems OK, so far.

That said, it’s only elite and only act 3. Thanks all for the advice. It gives me somewhere to go. And to focus on.

BTW, I tried blitz in the beginning and disliked it. I found it wasn’t very effective. Or at least, not as effective as SS. Of course, I only put a couple points in that chain. 2 points per ability. Actually I think it was 2 into Blitz and 3 into Blindside. But I eventually removed them. If you think it’s a huge benefit, I probably try it again.

Question: Whats the bare minimum recommended points for blitz to be effective ? In both Blitz and blindside.

1 point each.

lol. It’s just temporary. I’m using it because it added the most DPS at the time. And actual killing speed increased. Not just the dps numbers. I’m waiting to use my level 58 Chonag’Ri axes.

Even the Butcher of Burrwitch, isn’t the most ideal choice. Most of my “legendary” gear isn’t made for my class. Hell, I’m using Venomspine Greaves for the poison proc that helps a lot in battling trash mobs. But that’s the shit that drops. Even end game quest reward from Fort Ikon wasn’t for my class. Very aggravating that butthead gives me a damn caster item. Prick.

I probably should have read the rules about “cursing” but I figure most of you heard worse after your girlfriend found you helping her sister try on some bras.

Edit : Now that I think about it. What’s wrong with this hammer ? It meets my spec rather well. Except the proc, of course. That’s useless for my build. But, so what ? Eh, regardless, it’s only temporary as I’ve said. But it’s a fine wep. Chthonic bitches heads explode with this hammer :smiley: