some questions for the comunity

First of,hello!
Im kinda new here on the forums but im playing Grim Dawn since the level 25 cap(i dont even know how long ago that is :D).
I want to ask if duping is gone from the game,because i tried to dupe a item post Ashes of Malmouth install and i couldnt,not the old way of doing it,i say not the old way because one time,i was looking to trade something and one guy showed up with a stack of 999 completed seals of destruction,even asking what type of seal do i want for some trade(presumably he had them all).
And second,if duping is gone,at least the common way of doing it,can we all as a community decide on a currency to make our trades.its so tedious to make trades,u need to find someone that not only has ur item but also needs something u have.

It is a sp game first and foremost, which means that you can dupe and that you can use trainers to create any item you want

And this is why i’d never touch the multiplayer part of this game. Last time i joined in some multiplayer game i saw a guy with home made items. They had these insane stats which made him pretty much 1 shot everything. I guess some people enjoy using gdstash and things like that.

Most people will trade a common Legendary for 8 rare crafting materials but it varies by person (i.e. some people will want more or refuse to trade materials for set pieces as they are rarer than the average Legendary).