Some questions regarding WPS procs, weapon damage and their mechanics with dots

I’ve read that dots from the same source don’t stack, they need to come from different skills to stack. I’ve also read that weapon attack count as one source only.

Does that mean that every WPS proc only counts as a single weapon attack source? Meaning that say, applying a dot from whirling death and shears - only count as one dot? shears and whirling death in this example - are DIFFERENT SKILLS, different sources. So they should both apply dots individually. But this goes against the info I’ve read that weapon damage only counts as one source.

So if I want to make a hit and run boss killer using frostburn dots, as an example. I want to apply as many, and as powerful dots as possible before retreating to let the dots tick. But here’s a problem again… if I shadowstrike and land an execute. They are both dots from different sources, different skills. But they are also both weapon damage.

I need some help figuring this out. Because if weapon attacks, even from different sources, don’t stack. Then if I want to make a poison dot character - I would have to find “spells” that deal poison damage in addition to attacks. Like shadowstrike followed by dreeg’s evil eye. Or maybe convert fire to poison and go sabo for dots there.

Can someone help clarify this for me? I don’t want to apply multiple weak dots. I want to apply just a few very powerful dots for the longest time. And this is messing with my mind.

The way WPS work is their weapon damage is multiplied with your default attack/replacer’s weapon damage. This is still treated as the “one source” for weapon damage, in effect, a WPS just amplifies your existing weapon damage attacks and in a lot of cases gives it more AoE so you can spread your damage to more enemies.

The other thing with WPS and default attack/replacers is the additional non-weapon damage for both is combined. Take 8/8 Whirling Death for example:
The 327 Bleeding damage over 3 seconds and 80 Piercing damage will be dealt in additional to the weapon damage after it is multiplied, if you were to proc it while using Fire Strike, the Piercing/Bleeding damage would be added to and dealt alongside it as well. This Bleeding damage counts as a seperate source to your weapon damage.

Yes, they will apply the same DoT but can potentially apply it as different magnitudes. Since for a single given source, a higher application overwrites the lower one. So say you land an Execution and apply 300% of your weapon’s Frostburn, you then Shadow Strike immediately after and apply 450% of your weapon’s Frostburn. This 450% would overwrite Execution’s 300%. The numbers are made up so you’d have to look at your build and work out where you are getting your most consistent and reliable source of application from.

Don’t neglect Cold damage either, you’re not just dealing entirely DoT damage and Execution deals a hefty amount of Cold. Even Bleed builds need to do some level of non-DoT damage to keep them alive as you cannot life steal off of DoT damage. Finally, keep in mind how you spread it around again, e.g. Shadow Strike has a bit of AoE with Nightfall for crowds whereas Execution does not.

While focusing on a handful of strong DoTs is a good way to start and often the way to go, don’t neglect small ones, even procs add up with enough of them.

Don’t just focus on raw DoT damage either, DoT builds more so than direct damage builds benefit heavily from being able to apply RR quickly/passively and OA/crit damage.

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Thank you for taking the time to help out :slight_smile: So if I want another huge dot application, it should be skill based and NOT based weapon based right? For example shadowstrike + Dreeg’s evil eye /w the transmuter?


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