Some thoughts after playing roughly 60 hours

Town hall needs a move button. You can destroy it and rebuild but this tedious and expensive depending on you upgrade state.

Items don’t rot in trader storage - is this a wanted feature? I use this to stock some food for hard times but it feels somewhat wrong. The space is limited but it works great on medicine roots and herbs as they don’t spoil until I can sell a big batch to some trader.

Production limits and priority system is needed. Millers will consume all my grain if I let them but I want to have some in stock for brewing or feeding my cows. I’d like to have some function to set a treshold to be reached before millers start their work on my grains.
A simple hold amount won’t work as I want my brewers and herders to use the grains for their work. So setting a storage treshold would simply keep these items in store but not used at all.
Same goes with productions: Bowers should build arrows until I reach a set cap and then stop. And restart after stock drops under a second treshold again otherwise they will start after 20 arrows get picked up from the next hunter.

Food consumption is weird to me. They love their meat. My people tend to eat 3-4 times proteines over all other sources combined. Villagers should prefer another food type than the one they had before to get a better rotation in usage of all food types. This could get you a bonus on the health state or sort of infection prevention if you have well distributed supply of food types.
I trash most of my bread made and greens too so I turned off the bakery as it is not profitable.

Speaking of greens - I like the farming with crop rotation and fertile system but values need to be tweaked. Greens (leek and cabbage) are just a waste of farm land right now: massive drain on fertility and the goods are spoiling to fast (or are just not attractive enough for consumption). Values of all plants should be tweaked so everything has a purpose. Right now some plants are way better than others (peas vs. beans).

AI upgardes are needed but I see the point this being a late developement issue. Having all villagers collect water if a building is on fire looks very funny every time this happens. Change to labors only may work so you are forced to have a reasonable number of labors. Maybe set a radius around the fire for people reacting to it so my farmers don’t drop their work at the other end of the town.
Warming has a similar issue as all people go inside the houses around end of October (Thanks Giving time :D) and warm themselves. I mean all - my town is like a ghost town for short period of time. Villagers should have individual decrease of warmth level depending on their outside time and other factors.

Bee hives should get a real bonus for good placement. Right now it doesn’t have any real impact as long as you don’t overlap them. I build a park out of all small parks to fill a whole radius of a bee hive - 91% bonus (73% on a random open spot) but no impact at all in production. They produce around 12 honey and 10 wax per year (± 1 or 2) as long as no other bee hive is overlapping with them.

This are my first thoughts around that great game - I will continue as soon I have some more time to test more.

and stuff…

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