Some thoughts on improving gamepad controls

I’ve been playing a bit with the gamepad lately and enjoying it so far. Because couch!

There are a few issues though, some of which should be very easy to “fix”.

  1. Priorize skills over movement!

Let’s say I’m holding down my main attack button (let’s say Fire Strike) while aiming with the left stick. Then, when I tap the Flashbang button while still holding down Fire Strike, my char performs the Flashbang action and then instead of attacking instantly starts moving into the direction I point the left stick at. That is really frustrating and I constantly have to remind myself of releasing either the left stick or the main attack button after using a different skill.

  1. Skills on cooldown like Amarasta’s Blade Burst do not trigger auto attacks

They totally should!

  1. Gimme a button to switch through loot with

Highlighting that one green item for pickup in a room full of loot is a chore. As is, if I want something, I have to take it all.