Sound and Music - Behind the Scenes

A video from our audio guys gives a peek into the sound and music creation process. Hope you find it as fascinating as I did. :wink:

I did actually find it quite fascinating. It kind of makes me feel good now knowing that when I will hear a wall shatter in the game it was an actual person smashing a cinder block expressly for this game and not some stock sound from the internet.

I totally liked that video, that should go on the kickstarter page :slight_smile:

It already is on the Kickstarter page. :wink:

Awesome medierra!! Awesome!!! Put them in!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Do you know personally this guys!?

Cool video…very interesting to see how the sound folks go about getting various sound effects.

I just found that out right now and thanks :stuck_out_tongue: That should help with the process for sure.

Do you work with Crate cause you seem to always be the first person to find this stuff out and post :smiley:

No I don’t work for Crate, but I am wearing out my F5 key. :wink:

Great work, indeed. Can’t wait for the game…

You still manage to beat me with e-mails going right to my phone hahahah :smiley:

I keep refreshing this page alot as well, maybe crate could hook you up with a custom keyboard that only has F5 keys on it so you dont wear it out :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome vid and very informative. makes you fit everything in the picture!

way to go! everytime my char breaks through walls in grim dawn, i’ll now be imagining dan smirking making short work of those bricks’n’stones. :smiley: can we have some more shots of his wanton destruction or would that give the local police too many clues? :wink: love the update.

awesome update, nice to see a bit behind the scenes making of the game, and the sounds and music both rock, certainly the music really fits in with the style

nice update

Yes, Dan Crislip is a good friend who actually worked at Iron Lore on the Dawn of War Soulstorm project. Steve Pardo I don’t know quite as well but he works with Dan and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times in person and working with him for a while now over the internet while he’s been composing music for us.

please move away from the matt uelmen themed songs… it sounds like you’ve almost copied his style and tried to mix it with overly invasive percussions. the music should be much more like background noise rather than all out orchestral to mask your blunt tries to a 1:1 copy from diablo 1. that’s just cheap. find your own style. i love uelmen. what you are doing is sacrilege.


You guys are doing a great job, don’t let these trolls bring you down.

Nice!..thx :wink:

to troll that guy, asylum:

Never saw that kind of heard something like that before. I like haha.

Yeah, lol.

I mean, seriously, how many times can you say you haven’t seen or heard something created by one guy, but improved by another?

You can take a visual style from one game or movie and use it in another and just adapt and improve, that doesn’t make it an imitation, that makes it a superior edition.

I just thought it was a silly comment and had to bring it here. :slight_smile:

But yea, good link lol

His post only fueled that our direction is the correct way to go. We LOVED the music for D1+2, and when they went orchestral for the D2X, and from what I’ve heard in D3, I felt that the character of the music was lost. I miss the amateur studio feel of the original music, which is why we use Matt as inspiration.

Sadly, there will not be any additional pictures of my back-alley rampage as the construction crew has cleaned up their mess, but it was two months of recording heaven!

Maybe next time I update, I’ll show how some of the sounds of my 7-week-old son became a class of monsters.