Spiriteater Bulwark ADCTH question

So how exactly does the ADCTH on a shield like the Spiriteater Bulwark work? It doesn’t show up in the stat screen ADTCH.

Does it only work on skills that used shield damage and then only ADCTH% of the shield damage?

yes skills that use the shield in their attack will use the shields life leach stat, so that includes Sword and board blitz, forcewave, Shield bash and slam, etc.

So it doesn’t globally affect your main hand weapon attack too? That’s good to distinguish and know!

Dual wielding also works this way. If you dual wield, with 1 weapon having ADctH and the other not having it, only the damage dealt by the one will be converted to health.

flat damage and various “weapon effects” on shield work only for shield’s attacks. ADCTH is a “weapons effect too”, so is OA/DA/res/armour reduction, and others. IT seems that game’s mechanics threats shield as weapon, that you just cant normally swing (unlike dual-wielding), only with specific abilities.