[Spoiler] Faction vs. Faction - Lesser of the two evils?

You guessed it!!

Kymon’s Chosen vs Barrowholm

Which faction would you side with?

A faction of obnoxious fanatics who are deluded…err… wait, they’re both like that aren’t they?

So how about his - a faction that worships a very old “jungle spirit”, that feeds on its “children”, its disciples and wants to potentially consume every creature on Cairn but can probably do nothing much to the “world beyond”


A faction who worships a Primordial entity, who may or may not be as old and powerful as Chthon, whose true name and form have been forgotten to time. Whose intentions aren’t clear but don’t look very nice either

I have to choose?

But they both get rep from killing Chthonians. :frowning:

I’d rather side with the chthonians :rolleyes:

One faction is trying to save/perserve humanity no matter how deluded they are and I suspect the real empyrion will come(or get a long dead message or something) and show kymon how much of an idiot he is. As I told kymon he is dumb and a traitor and he has no idea what it wants but in time he may wake up.


Cannibals that eat wary travelers and seem to have no interest in trying to perverse humanity.

I vote kymon. See one thing I am starting to dislike in the game is that they keep trying to make inquisitors and kymon appear “evil” even when according to a journal Kymon is likely running around saving people. Yet in the main story or faction quests they don’t hammer home that Arcanists may possibly help bought the atherials over due to them messing with the aether according to the faction tab. Or all the horrific and weird stuff occultists and the likes get up to. Or the fact if you join the death vigil and want to learn more about necromancy you gotta subjugate yourself to possibly being enslaved as undead for eternity.

Also Uro is not a good dude. I mean he cursed EVERYONE(men, women and children) to undeath and in turn caused babies of the survivors to turn into bird people. Yet death’s vigil is A OK. I mean he might of been a good dude once but I hope when they expand the quest line I hope they show he is not a good dude at all. Since Korvaak is a clear downside to kymon.

Creed said he felt a taint of evil from the Kymon’s Chosen emissary. And Uroboruuk cursed Arkovia because they were a bunch of greedy assholes and also because they tortured him.

-Arkovia brought the curse upon itself. Uro might have done many wrong things but cursing arkovia wasn’t one of them

-I don’t see where the game made Inquisitors look evil

-Arcanists or Gildam Arcanum is the reason why Loghorrean sealed so tightly. Many arcanists sacrificed themselves to empowered the seals that bound him. Those seals made sure a simple blood ritual couldn’t bring him forth and hence bought use time

-Kymon’s people might be zealots but they want to do good. Same can be said for Kymon but the thing he allies with might end up consuming Cairn for all we know

-Death Vigil and Covenant of The Three have questionable practices, not going to deny that but neither of their masters are a potential threat to Cairn itself

Sure, but why curse EVERYONE? Not the asshole wizards? I mean what has a citizen done to survive the curse and then having their kids being born as a bird men/women?

Also creed said they he considers them heretics, he does not mention sensing a taint of evil he does say faith is a powerful weapon in their defense. Since the Luminari if I recall are about Mehnir. This is what I am talking about too much whitewashing for dark casters.

Haven’t you played the expansion yet?

The Arkovia were also hunting down the followers of his practice. At that point he just wanted the entire Arkovia dead or with a curse, he didn’t care if it was going to affect the citizens not involved with this.

Read the Inquisitor Creed Note 10. He says he feels a taint of evil from the Kymon’s Chosen emissary and suspects they are hiding something terrible. And he thinks they made a deal with an evil entity.

Kymon’s Chosen.

Pretty much for the reasons above. While Kymon’s favorite build is being a Deceiver, he is not essensially “evil” and is actually trying to help people, and not cook them.

I kinda feel bad for Kymon, because his character role kinda resembles Marius from Diablo 2 :frowning:

Well yes the empire uses sanctioned wizards now if the game tells us all the wizards captured are turned over to them or drafted in the army cool. Yet when you ask Garradia about her history. She tells you when her powers or talents started to flair up her mother called for a priest since she thought it was a ghost or something in the house.

Yet an inquisitor was sent, she used magical handcuffs that burned with arcane seals that also scarred her wrists. She then paralyzed her mother and took her away on a carriage.

Then put a bag over her head and tightened it to the point she could not breathe and she noted her hands were cold. Then the inquisitor bought her to a really cruddy prison. She only escaped because a guard took pity on her.

She then lived hand to mouth until she met up with someone from the coven and they bought here there.

Also this happened when she was a little girl. Now in context I feel we have not seen enough in the story to understand why inquisitors are this rough with people.

Most of the time we see that dark casters are “okay” people largely like the coven and death’s vigil. Since playing Death’s vigil quest line several times and talking with the coven I wonder why inquisitors have been hunting them according to creed inquisitors do indeed hunt death vigil members. When you talk to the kymon representative he is excited to meet an inquisitor PC hoping that they could learn from you. Yet of course near the end of the questline you get Korvaak. Now this story thread is mighty interesting hence why it’s my main faction but I think it’s unfair that Death’s vigil is not presented with ANY clear downside during their faction questline.

Now the only “good” thing we hear of the inquisitors is that due to their actions the bloodsworn were kept to a minor cult. Yet when the Aethrials messed with the empire they now had free to reign to grow into the threat presented in the game.

That cinematic when Baal takes the soulstone and exits the Asylum/Prison setting things on fire still gives me goosebumps

Lets not forget “The Prophecy” cinematic where Marius witnesses something not meant for mortal eyes

Good times

I like GD’s cinematics as well. The current one was far more entertaining than I expected it to be, despite me already having seen it an hour before release in Zantai’s stream. Seeing it on my terminal made it even more satisfying

Well, I haven’t read is note 10 yet god dammit. >_<

Ok now, I personally hope Crate goes the route of Kymon seeing the light or the PC bringing people back to the lightbringer. Still this is proving my point now clearly there is a “good” choice. I just hope Crate have more naunce when it comes to updating the faction quest lines.

That inquisitor did nothing wrong considering they spend their days fighting the very horrors we fight now. They have seen men get exsanguinated to death the Cult of Chthon and have fought horrors of the void long before the Grim Dawn so it’s not too far fetched to think the consider anything in relation to the void or the eldritch as an abomination

Regardless of whether The Order is less harmful than Kymon or not, they still practice unnatural magic so Inquisitors hunting them down isn’t odd
The Coven we know now is like this because of The Three frying the original witches. They aren’t as power hungry as they used to be

Their practices are questionable to the common man but they’re not anywhere near the term “evil”.
Kymon on the other hand, as good as his intentions are. He is sided with something that might be evil

And your point is?

The Grim Dawn was orchestrated with nigh-perfection. They infiltrated the ranks of high ranking officials so naturally the Luminari might have had many aetherial posers amongst their ranks. Also after Grim Dawn a lot of the cult’s growth is thanks to desperate people looking for food and shelter. Luminari did keep them in check

If by light bringer you mean Empyrion. Then sorry, but he might not even be real

Anyways, I don’t mind a Kymon’s Chosen being good guys quest. But currently they’re allied with something sinister

Ok, Chthon I got your point I understand but I am just a little frustrated, since to me it’s started to be shown that picking kymon is the “wrong” choice. When things in this game are meant to be grey from my understanding.

Also I am just going to say those voting for the cannibals I am sure those travelers feel a lot better being eaten. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I am not sure about them but it sure does feel a lot better eating them:rolleyes: