[SPOILER] I Pooped My Pants a Little the First Time I Fought this Guy :D


My character was already in Elite, then I bought the expansion pack yesterday, played right up to the boss and kicked his butt :blush: Though he did scare the crap out of me for a second when I saw him transform into final phase. Kinda makes me scared of Ultimate :grimacing:

Loving the DLCs. So much fun and the design is just… :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


korvak goes super saiyan on us all. but he can’t defeat our taken’s aether balls.

I see you are only 79. By the time you level to the late 80s, this guy might be able to legit oneshot you with the same move, he’ll be scaled that high.

Are you saying he’s not my level?

no, I’m saying he’ll only get worse as you level up. Mobs scale up higher than players do in the lategame.

Yes, I noticed that. Happens all the time that mobs are 5+ levels higher than me. Not sure why you think 1 level difference would make him one-shot me.

He’s just trying to push his agenda to get Korvaak nerfed because it’s too hard for him. Just ignore him.

Pointing out flaws in the existing design is not pushing an agenda. It’s feedback. And it is in another thread.

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I just checked. I forgot that the bosses have actually much higher level than me. He’s actually level 85 here.

Trying to dishearten a new player by telling him that he’ll probably get oneshotted by a boss sounds like pushing an agenda. You know what also is feedback? To point out flaws in underperforming builds to make them better, feedback that you conveniently ignored in the other thread because you are more fixated on getting Korvaak nerfed than improving your build.

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Yeah, sorry. These “armchair developers” get on my nerves sometimes. I didn’t mean to turn your post into another flamewar. Don’t mind me neither. Just keep enjoying this awesome game! I’m gonna take myself out.

eeyup, now imagine. I did a few test runs on saturday, on elite, with my level 97 saboteur. Basically his rush (looks like a teleport to me ingame, but on the gif it was clear that it was a rush) could drop me down to blast shield levels. contracting ring dealt an easy 2500 damage, and a combo’s finisher could do up to 6-8k damage. Then there’s his first phase purple cold meteors, that’s a oneshot, blast shield doesn’t even get a chance.

The feedback was literally “scrap your build and play something else”, or to be more precise, a mix of “play the only existing devotion setup for cold rather than to try to get more procs to convert” and “play the only existing saboteur build”, which is Dual wield Nex + Ortus fire strike (conveniently ignoring that it’s for the SR set, and this is a purist self-found character. That’s not feedback.

Neither is telling an OA starved saboteur not to take Flame Touched, which is the most point-dense way of getting OA on this spec. That’s some feedback!

Got any more insights?

Uhm. I’m still kinda new (again), so my understanding of the game’s not yet there. I primarily played Path of Exile for the last 3+ years, so… Though, isn’t that kinda the point? I expect a boss that looks like this to hit like a motherloading truck. I was surprised he did NOT one-shot me. Dealt a lot less damage than I was expecting. And I like it. PoE’s main problem is that bosses are either overtuned AF or a complete push-over. Bosses in this game so far have been mostly very consistent.


Where’s that saboteur of yours? Did you upload it on the forum? Gonna go fight Korvaak with it.

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Korvaak is probably the most well designed boss in the entire game. Well telegraphed attacks that are not cheap as shit, great character design and awesome music

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I’m glad you asked! _Queen Elza.zip (1006.6 KB)

Grimtools should stilll be this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j160lN

And since I forgot to mention this whole week (and didn’t see it mentioned in the other thread), Korvaak gets a mutator on all difficulties. This could account for some of the inconsistencies.

Btw: Phase 1 and 2-3 (IDK which one is 2 and which one is 3) are awesome, as well as the music, I love those and listen to them while commuting to work. It’s just phase 4 with the combination of contracting ring + the practically autohit teleport-rush that I have a problem with. (Also the touhou projectile spam from the eldritch thrones is annoying)

Edit: Something else I need to add, I’m probably having some pre-patch fatigue. And while I believe many of my troubles getting a decently set up cold caster sabo on a budget will be fixed with the epic+faction+MI overhauls, it’s hard to deal with a thematic build (that even makes sense on paper thanks to the elemental rr, at least as much as defiler does nowadays with the aether rr, big thanks for those patches) getting shafted.

harra sabo does decently with big jacks + PB spam

Might not be a top tier build, but it’s defo an MC stomper

First of all: Welcome to Grim Dawn! Hope you enjoy the game. BTW, how’s Hank the Tank? :wink:

On topic: Bosses in GD are very much like you described. Some can be a challenge, but you can learn their abilities and have some time to react. And finally you’ll beat that sucker.

Celestials and high shards of Shattered Realm are a different story. This is where the real challenge starts. But these encounters are basically the equivalent of Shaper. Crucible 150-170 on Gladiator isn’t easy either. But again - endgame content for decked out builds…
In general, GD is a very fair and very well balanced game. And unlike in POE lately, tactical thinking still matters…:sunglasses:

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Make sure you stream it :slight_smile: and be sure to play it on a build!