[Spoiler] Yes, yes, YES! Finally got mine!

Finally got my Gazer Man!

Ok, I didn’t try much before. I only fought the Clones with my Arcanist (which is now a Battlemage) before the expansion and he couldn’t beat the final final form, even though he killed all other clones. Still, I think my Witchblade could have done it, but she didn’t progress beyond Fort Ikon on ultimate before I switched her to crucible farming only.

Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s done and I am very happy! One of coolest fights in the game.:smiley:

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Congrats! Really fun fight.


Now go fight Lokarr. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Evilzlegend and Ceno!

Maybe next weekend. I still have plenty to do on act IV before going to Malmouth.

Grats on getting it Croc

I see a Pierce BM and I give you double points

Yes, Chthon, my main damage type is Pierce, with Physical playing a small role on procs.


The initial plan was to switch to the Belgothian Slaughter set at some point, but so far I have 0 pieces of that set.:smiley:

I had the pleasure to kill the clones two days ago, I think; it was a very tough fight. I died a few times. Congrats!

Congrats again. Have u played TQ, this fight’s cool factor is doubled if u have played that game.:cool:

Oh yeah! I played Titan Quest:

The music from the Secret Passage of Immortal Throne really adds up to the cool factor.

By the way, I finally have more time spent playing GD than playing TQ. 876 hours against 870. But I feel like TQ has left more memories on my mind, at least so far.