Spreading the word on Grim Dawn...

Hi guys, glad to be a part of the new community, and hoping to help spread the word about Grim Dawn as much as possible. Going to be getting 2 Legendary accounts as soon as I get the money form my Pell Grant.:smiley:

isn’t that college funds? wow lol

Yeah, but after the money for the school gets taken out, I can use the rest for whatever I need to, at least that’s what I was told. And, supporting GD is almost as important to me as my schooling is.

Hey, it’s just a little of our taxes coming around full-circle. Seems pretty fitting if you ask me. ; )

WIth what I’ve paid into taxes so far, and seeing as how my generation will probably never see their Social Security come back to them, I figure that I’ve already paid for college eduation at least once already. So, why not reinvest in another part of my future as well.