SR shard clears itself

As soon as I entered shard67-chunk4 (so, boss room), the faint light appeared, the cleared-sound rang and Mazaan teleported in. Stage cleared itself automatically. No boss ever seen.

Was the new emptyness stage with the square hole of tentacles in the middle.
Game Files verified.

So. No interest in this? Hasn´t happened ever since, so I admit, it´s pretty hard to evaluate. But one should rly look into this…!

Just because Crate haven’t responded doesn’t mean they haven’t read it and are aware of what you reported.

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Thx mate!


So you had the game files verified before this occurred? That’s not clear.

Assuming files were verified, unless there are conditions we can use to reproduce this, it seems like an unfortunate fluke as this is the first report of such an issue.

Yeah, was quite surprised as well xD.
Yep, so: downloaded, verified game files, bug occured.
Did around 10 shards since - ofc, never seen that again.

Happened one more time now.
Again shard 4, again same endboss stage.

Is it all about that same endboss level? Just cleared it on shard 75, rly cleared it. No Mazaan turning up.

I don’t know, level all looks fine, bosses spawn fine, no repro on my end. Nobody else is reporting issues with that level.

You say you verified game files, so not sure what else to try here.

Strange. But rare at least. THX for looking into it!