Staffs and more variety of weapons

Hi all!

I just started the game up and my highest char is a measly lvl 32 lightning warder. Been fooling around with other melee variations but I was windering on the magey side… Are spell daggers and offhanders the only choice for mage types?

What about staffs? Or Spears? Hellif we are going exotic, how bout glaives?

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I’ve seen it mentioned in other discussions on the topic that a staff wouldn’t “fit the lore” of the game, but I honestly don’t see how. There are already pieces of equipment used as foci for casting. A “staff” would just be a two-handed focus. A larger, more powerful focusing tool that needs to be carried with both hands doesn’t seem that outlandish to me.

As for spears, I think the main argument against them was that the need for unique animations made their implementation impractical at the time. I would certainly love to see them added in the future.

I want to see if we can create new weapon types with the mod kit. I too think mage directed weapons are sorely lacking : \ so I plan, if possible, to create two new ones just for them. “Gloves” or something similar and non intrusive for those who want to use spammable caster spells as their main attack without an actual weapon blinking in and out of their hand. These will just use the punching animation normally but give a boost to spellpower rather than physical attack. Then if possible I want to make potions a weapon - like blackwater cocktail but an actual weapon. They’ll show up as a bottle or skull and use the same animation as the skills but with the whole variety of elemental damages and such.

If we are supposed to get new weapon types, then the first one we MUST get is spears… 2H spears. Really, spears are my 2nd favorite weapon on ARPGs and it would make me love GD even more if the devs added spears later.

Staves are cool too, but I’d prefer spears over them a lot more, mostly because the casters already look awesome by wielding a wand or dagger with a spell book. If we could get both, the better, of course. :cool:

Well, my interest in staves is more mechanical than aesthetic. Two-handed caster implement is a gear type that is currently missing from the game, and that just feels off to me. Really I wouldn’t mind if they were implemented as something other than staves…but staves just seem like the most obvious choice.

Thats exactly what I meant, staves are a staple in most rpgs so it seems off that they didnt implement it as a weapon choice. Its probably due to animation as wielding a two hander staff would be vastly different than a dagger and an offhand.

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Old people and hikers use walking sticks all the time. Though I don’t think there are either anymore.

Not since… the incident.

I would like to see unarmed mode too. Like FB in PoE. Give us some super-gloves or… pants :slight_smile:

You know, since the Grim Dawn happened the worlds like 90% scrap : \ you’d think the first weapons they’d make with it were scrap spears and staves. It’s a lot harder to make a sword than a stick and then tie a pointy bit to the end of the stick. Hopefully they’ll add some in the future. I also kinda wish they’d break guns up, or at least 2hd, into long-range rifles and close-range shotguns with a spread… that and do something about holding crossbows like a rifle while you’re running.

I think the main issue is that the animations for staves were not implemented in the game. As yet, all two hander weps are held in the same way and this is the same with their attack animations as well. It probably is better if they can implement a new animation for staves which will be better for the game in the long run, more differentiation in terms of character playstyles.

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