"Standard" devotion build for x

This is a tangential build question - I see a lot of builders post with comments like “this uses a standard devotion path for lightning except x y z” etc.

I find I often forget a stat or two when I go through and build out a devo path from scratch, and I’ve also been finding myself pillaging top-tier builds specifically just to see whats going on in the constellations.
It would be useful to go “i want to play with vitality casting i can start with this rough path and tweak from there”.

Is there a common pool of what those “standards” for devotions by element and attack method are?
Can we make one? I’m thinking elements, AA vs cast vs retal vs pets would be the main variations but I might be forgetting something.

I’m also thinking GD has been around for a while with active forums, there’s probably a thread that has most of this somewhere. Unfortunately “devotion” and “build” etc are very common words in threads so search has not been fruitful.


It means, “I ripped it from someone but changed x y z to cover my tracks.”


Thanks x1x2, that’s a big help. Figures it would be spanks that did the mashing it together into a guide.
And ya_ it’s flattery I tell you, and it was like that when I got here.