Star Wars: The Old Republic

Playing that now. (until next GD patch).

They have really made this game much, much better than it was when I first played it.

it’s not as restrictive as other F2P models. I sub, but it’s worth it for me (and honestly, who doesn’t have $14 lying around in change at this point once per month?).

Really enjoying playing the newly buffed Jedi Sage Telekinesis DPS and my buddy is a Storm Trooper Vanguard tank.

Give it a whirl if you haven’t yet.

Name is Crixx on PvE Jedi Council server. ( i think that’s the name of it).

I second this. Probably my most played MMO and possibly my favorite as well.

Though last time I played was during The Rise of The Hutt Cartel expansion. Haven’t touched this game since then. In a nutshell, what’s changed? You said its not as restrictive, does that mean I get to do Ops now for free? :stuck_out_tongue:

All I know is that when I returned to my 48 Sage, I didn’t feel restricted at all by any F2P model.

But I did when I tried to make a new characters. Race restrictions, etc. But there’s player housing now and it’s pretty neat. My guildmate and I have a nice stronghold.

There is party queing (not sure if it was there before, I don’t remember) for dungeon/instancing (flashpoints or w/e).

We are having fun, and honestly the cash shop is nice. I have spent about $10 and gotten a couple mounts out of the boxes (one of which I sold for 9ish million credits).

I stopped playing when they changed the way you level. Hated I couldn’t make Hybrids anymore. Also hated the fact they added 4vs4 Deathmatch as that ruined normal PvP.
Nothing else out really tho so I’m re-downloading now to see how it is. Grim Dawn Desperately needs the Mod Tools out so Modders can give me new classes and skills to play with :slight_smile: