Starcrawlers- chimera

What a surprise, a sequell to starcrawlers is comming to early acsess soon. A bit sad that its a single person crawler now, i realy liked old-scool 4man party in starcrawlers.


i think this is more of a spinoff instead of sequel. because its a fps, not turnbased tactical rpg.

what i wonder is will the development time be longer or shorter because its action focused fps instead of complex number crunching turnbased tactics.

It is turn based

from the steam page

Wage tactical turn-based RPG battles against futuristic enemies.

Loved the first game, looking forward to this one.

yeah i misread that. my bad. but even though its just a single character we’re playing as, i’m sure that also means the enemy difficulties & numbers will be scaled down too. since in the original there were so many effects, calculations, buff, and debuff flying around our squad and enemies. maybe this one will be a more relaxing experience.

I did like the first one, But you are right mind. On the other hand, I wonder how a single character will play out? Hopefully there will be a lot of choice. So anyway, I’m certainly interested in this one.

Playtest is out. Only first floor and like half of skill tree. No flashlight ATM, so kinda hard to see things.

Nice, clicked on the button to request playtest access. Downloading and will see what its like.

Thanks for the heads up


gave the test build a go, some bugs, but been fixed pretty quickly, I thought the tutorial was bugged, until I checked the map (when it asked me to search for food) But the flashing ping told me where to go. ) in the main game, combat seems pretty varied, range attacks that need ammo, and melee attacks that can be dodged. You can heal over time (unless you take a skill) The game feels a lot more fast paced compared to their first game.

So far, pretty good impressions. I will certainly keep this on my wishlist.