Starsector : awesome space sandbox

It is some time i’m keeping an eye on starsector and i waited the last patch to hit the road to finally buy it.

This is my first hours - i will update as i go ahead - but i have to say this game is so well crafted, it’s basically a 2d space sandbox people often call it “mount&blade in space” and it’s not far from reality. Plus there is a dedicated community of modders.

If you might like something like that don’t miss it…

A game that has been in early access forever and had over a year in between patches… but yet kicks butt :slight_smile:

Mods adding more factions make it even better fyi.

yeah i’ve seen a huge number of mods but first i’m learning the basics and yeah it’s true the EA process of this game is gargantuan but it is so well made. Lot of games are released and blow or have less content…

Oh it’s very definitely good, I wouldn’t have lost 4 nights of sleep otherwise.

On the other hand, I now have 10 million in cash, 5 capital ships and 3 CV tankers and enough cargo space to haul everything and think [redacted] are fun to farm for fuel, supplies, cores and weapons. Just need another Astral carrier though :stuck_out_tongue:

So, am I missing something? I searched on Steam, didn’t find this game - is it not on Steam? Games not on Steam is confusing…please provide a link so that I don’t have to use the great and powerful Google… :smiley:

BTW - is this the game you’re referring to?

that is the game and no it’s not on steam you have to buy it via game site.

Developer said he prefers to be independent from gaming platforms.

Props to the dev for making that choice. Steam is a great platform, IMHO, but I can understand the desire to stay off of it. Perhaps after they complete the game, they can get it up on GOG.

I’ll have to check out the videos and see if it is my cup of tea.

Thanks, regardless, for posting about the game!