Stash Clearing (You´re welcome!)

As Mad Lee has already done a few weeks ago, I will give my whole Stash to those who want it.

Tomorrow at 15:00 CET I will open a game and will put a lot of items to the ground in Devil´s Crossing. You can take everything you want, no fare. If you want to leave Scavenged Plating or something, you can but it isn´t necessary.

I will keep it open for roughly 2 hours. I won´t be there the whole time (got work to do), so grab the items you want and leave, so perhaps other players can join. My internet connection is not very good so it may be lagging. You can join later again if you want have a 2nd look (I will refill the items occasionally). Don´t be shy. :slight_smile:

Why am I doing this?
Well, some players will know I´m one of these Grim Dawn players who plays only 1 toon. Exactly, only my Bleeding Trickster. I have everything I want so why should I hoard all the Legendaries, etc.?

They are all legit. Crucible, Farming, Trade.

I will post the Login information tomorrow shortly before 15:00 in this thread. Cya tomorrow. :wink:

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One of these days, I’m definitely gonna do the same as the 2 of you. Thanks so much. <3

Oh shit, I love free stuff, I will definitely take part :slight_smile:

Unless of course there are gonna be a lot of beginning players who need it more than me, because I don’t really need anything except super high end rares. So maybe I will just lurk dressed as Barnabas and snatch some of that scavenged!

Aw shucks, to bad I have school at 9:00!

Either way nice of you to do this for peeps

So, a little bit early, but 1st wave of items are there:

If you want to join:

Login: Schlussverkauf
Password: 456

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated! I found some nice things.

Thanks a lot!

And, as I told some players: Don´t be shy!

I don´t bother if you take 1, 2 or 10 items. Just grab them. :slight_smile:

;)…I will keep this game open much longer. Perhaps even the whole evening. :slight_smile:

So, taking a break till 20:30 - 20:45 CET. Then I will get the rest. :wink:

Have to cancel for today.

Don´t know why but I have massive problems with Grim Dawn, black screen after a few minutes. Have to look what´s wrong with it.

Will repeat this, have fun with the items you got. :slight_smile:

Time to do it again.

On Friday, 15:00 CET, I will clear my stashes with all the doublettes and items I don´t need (some things I will keep as trade stock for FG).

For “rules”, see starting post. Hopefully, my PC won´t crash this time.

I will give gamename and password here and on Discord about an hour before “Loot-o-Rama” starts.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

lot easier just to upload the .gst file or .gsh file, unless of course you really enjoy seeing people fight over an item :slight_smile:

Do not use it and I think it´s funnier like this. :slight_smile:

First come, first serve. No need to fight.

When I updated the gdstash database after the last patch, it said I have over 3000 items saved up. To be honest, too much work to give it away if I wanted to. Not that I want to, I’ve got a small army of characters to equip.

Hey, one question, if you dont need items since you have everything, what keeps you playing the game? ARPGs are kind of focused on farming.

Crucible, new content, new builds.

Minus Crucible, plus just for fun.

Just out of curiosity - why don’t you guys like the crucible?

Repetative af

Loot reward is broken

Monsters are nerfed

You can use buffs and crap

I don´t like arena-like games.

Some more infos for today:
The game will be set to “Normal”, so even if you haven´t got a toon which is able to wear most of the items don´t be shy to join and grab a few things for later.