Stash Space Suggestions

Hello everyone. I know there a few threads about this and most of them at few years back and I want to put to issue for the next patch. I consider this matter important. I’m a player which do not like to use extra tools, programs, add-ons in games. I know there are plenty of them around and it’s okay. It’s a choice they make. Not just for stash either, they use these tools to produce and alter other parts of game. I respect that; however for a person who do not expand game’s utilities with any kind of program the stash tab number is not enough. I know devs don’t want people to pile up everything but you see there are too many builds possibilities which need not just end game gear but also mid-game and possible substitute items(plus too many variations of the item rolls). Right now we have 6 tab for each character and 6 tab for shared stash. I’m just a new player with 600+ hours and I’m just seperating gears which I probably won’t use in near future and dismantle them to make room for new items. (I sell blues ofc) Or I can keep creating characters to use them as banks which I do already.

First Suggestion: Making 12 to shared stash so that players atleast put their general usable items to there like mats, 1-2 tabs for jewels, early game usable items and MI’s. This won’t change the world but it’ll be more useful than this.

Second Suggestion: To create and sell a stash tool of your own for a reasonable price. Which may only greatly expand(not infinite) the size plus allows player to make more specific categorization of items.

Third Suggestion: A new Challenge! Put a new Smuggler Npc to somewhere different. After completing some hard enough quest or achievement, the place becomes accessible via private riftgate. Secret Banker of Cairn maybe. It may provide the player additional stashes which only usable with that character. I mean without changing the shared stash, to exact character that completed the achievement gets I don’t know mayve 10-20 extra stash tab. To determine difficulty of the task is up to you of course or you can put some other conditions to be obeyed while doing the quest. It maybe for hardcore mode. Or about having all lores in the game with a character.

These are just my ideas. I’m sure there are a lot of player like me who doesn’t use gdstash or other tools and playing as an oldschooler but secretly wishing having more stash space and being able to order their stash more efficiently. If not secretly, then I’m hoping your support so we can improve these ideas and put over to the developers.

The UI on the smuggler simply won’t support 6 more tabs on it. They had enough trouble squeezing in tabs 5 and 6.

Separate DLC for stash again goes back to the devs’ decision not to increase it in the game I suspect. Back to the problem of the UI not having enough room for more tabs too. Also could be that a DLC such as this would make the game a “different” version to people playing without this so could be problematic for multiplayer. The DLCs so far, apart from Crucible which is a separate add on anyway, have been cosmetic changes only which don’t affect the gameplay. Whether something like this would I don’t know.

Separate NPC, sounds feasible, though I think most players would want it to be the transfer stash that applies rather than the personal one. But again comes down to the devs’ decision about more storage ingame. :woman_shrugging:

I like playing with constraints. Storage space sure is a minor one, but I hope devs keep enough limitations in the game.

I’m not a fan of infinite stash either. Boundaries and limitations are good up to a point, I agree this too but I also think that 6 tab shared stash is more than too limiting. Because you can’t count on that you can get an item from monsters whenever you need it to the build you’re making which is great. Random loot is perfect and I can’t stress enough quality of experience however, there is not enough space to stash items that only has low drop rate either. Because you know there are variations of each item. You must keep one or two (maybe more because some items can be used more than a few build) till get better one.

Alot of us here are quite familiar with every conceivable argument, for and against (ad nauseum), pertaining to “more stash”. You can also be quite sure that Crate is extremely familiar with all of these arguments as well. This is a topic that goes back a long way in GD’s history and their minds are quite set on the topic as evidenced by the fact that you do not, at this point in time, see “more stash” implemented.

And note: that just because he references “infinite stash/storage” in this quote does not mean that he is not also referring to “more stash” - in this case they are interchangeable.

It might feel that everyone seems against you but this isn’t necessarily true. I don’t imagine that most of us would truly mind if Crate implemented more or even infinite stash. It’s just that we understand their reasoning enough to be content with it as it is. As it stands, the stash tools we have available more than cover this need for those that truly desire it.

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Ah the weekly “more stash” suggestion thread


I’m also playing without external tools. Not expecting any major changes in the foreseeable future I level multiple chars in parallel. This way I can utilize items I find useful for leveling before I run out of storage space. As additional bonus I can switch to another char anytime and keep my motivation high.

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Just an idea, imagine say Grim Dawn Item Assistant mod became an official add-on to the game, would you guys use it?

lol if that was the case they could just name any tool the “Official GD Add-on for Stashes” and be done with it. Kinda like how they dubbed the GD wiki at Gamepedia the “Official” wiki even tho they really don’t have much to do with it (unless they are actively updating it).

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No, I would not use GDIA. What I would like to see is an character explorer, which enables you to manage items between characters directly.

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Not likely to happen as Zantai pointed out in a dev stream back in September 2018

"IMayBackstab: @CrateEntertainment any plans to assimilate some of these inventory/stash mods for a 5 or 10 dollar fee? Your players would be happy to spend that while also not splintering the player base as much with mods

Zantai: I mean the people who have created these utilities for you guys have done them from their own free will for free and us basically taking that and charging money for it seems very unfair to them. And from our development perspective we have design decisions for why the bags are limited as they are. It is not just arbitrarily limited to screw you guys over, there are genuine reasons why that isn’t the case. But for those of you who want more stash space, that is why we allow modding and that is why you can use those utilities so you can have as much space as you want and because they work outside of the game they don’t splinter the player base. You can’t only play with people who use GDStash or GDIA, like you can play with everybody."

Which also seems to confirm my point about a paid DLC making it more difficult to play with others who don’t have that add on.

I don’t even know what is it lol.

And for eisprinzessin I do exactly what you are doing because it is the only way and yes I switch characters too but I’m at the beginning 600+hours and it is getting a bit boring so how long will I keep like this I questioned myself so created this topic. And you can be sure, I don’t definitely want infinite stash. I don’t definitely want any add-on or out-game tool either.

Come to think of it, I have a question; how many characters most of you have right now? Over 100+? Maybe 300+? Right even maybe more. Is the game getting heavier or slower per new character? Is there a negative affect on performance?

I never have more than a 1-3 characters at any one time. And that’s with some 14,000 hours of game time. I always delete old characters and start anew. I’ve probably created thousands by now. Some people do keep a “stable” of toons. I think the most I’ve seen was @Dikkiedik with like 80+ characters.

I don’t know that it would affect performance overall - not that I’ve heard anyway.

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I personally use GD stash because I sometimes wanna test some mechanics and stuff and dont wanna bother with more than 1 tool/mod

I have around 30 chars no change in performance

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So you delete them and let them vanish? Or you get the copy of them from database and keep it somewhere else? I just deleted one for now, because it was buggy somehow, while playing with that character performance were significantly low in even the coolest area with less monsters etc. It was lightning warder, then I change the build to avenger’s set, still kept clogging. Then I took the items and deleted my first 100 level character but I don’t think I do that often. If I like the character, I push and develop it and definitely keep it.

I have 55 atm, but that includes several that are being played in the Grimarillion mod. I have others that I started, but haven’t continued with backed up on a USB key. Whether I’ll get around to playing them again only the gods of Cairn know. Maybe, maybe not. I keep coming up with new build ideas all the time so never get very far into the game with most of my characters.

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Yup. Delete them permanently. I don’t really back them up. I often delete all my blueprint/stash files as well.

I’m more of a rogue-like type player where if I die I just restart completely. Or if I simply get bored with a character or have a different idea for a character to try I’ll just wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I don’t get emotionally attached to my characters no matter how many hours I might have spent on one.

They mean little to me in that aspect. For me it’s more about just playing and going for the ride. Been like that since I was a kid playing Dragon Warrior on the NES. I’d consistently get to near the end of the game and if something about the playthru didn’t sit right with me I’d delete and start completely over.

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I see, interesting point of view but nice. I liked your enthusiasm :slight_smile: Everyday I get new build ideas that I might like playing, so I theorycraft them and keep their links, so when I find an item that suits for those builds I like to keep it. To seeing item affixes inspires me to play more and create something different so that’s why I like more stash tab. Not infinite. Extra few will do. Because (I’m sure eventually I’ll memorize all items there is with affixes but it will take a very long time and not every course will be passed in home due to quarantine. I can forget them easily aswell ) when I sell or dismantle them with the thought that I could get another one it’s easy! I know that I am not lucky. Some of you know exactly how unlucky I’am :smiley: But if it’s not going to happen, I’ll just keep playing same as before. But perhaps the end of the world is near and devs can fulfill the player’s wishes for the sake of tendance :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been playing GD for seven years and have 125 chars. But many were created during Early Access, when the higher difficulties were not available and only a few reached max level. Current I play with 15 chars, plus one dedicated MP char. Everything else has been archived.

I noticed longer loading times on the main screen, if you have dozens (more like 50+) of characters. Probably not an issue, if you have an SSD.


And if you use cloud saves you’re limited to 50 anyway. I use local saves though, always have.