Stashing at it's best!

The stash space OMFG!!! faints

my exact reaction

Please elaborate for those of us still on the fence. From what I understand they are saying there is only 1 more tab for the shared stash. Was that a joke? I hope so because I really want this expac but only 1 extra tab would be a non-starter. I’m not interested in mods that make you tab out / copy paste stuff outside the game to work.

I have not tried that yet but, looking at the interface, you get 5 private stash tabs per char as well, if you have iron to buy them.

The stash tabs are also a bit bigger (wider and taller), IIRC by 2 columns and rows. When I opened the shared stash tabs, there was space around the loot that was there - so bigger in size and more tabs (as already mentioned).

and as I said from the beginning Crate shouldn’t add any new stash tabs. As no matter how much stash they give there will still be people bitching.

Hey do u know how to open the shared stash cuz I cant find it anywhere :frowning:

To switch between Item Stash and Transfer Stash click on the button under the smuggler’s name - between the sort button and the component completion button.