Status icons for health and energy potions

Currently, health and energy potions can have their own keybindings outside the skill bar, saving you a (sometime useful) slot. However, there is no way to track their cooldown unless you also bind them to a skill bar key, which can be troublesome.

At least for health potions, would it be possible to add a status icon akin to that of Menhir’s Will or Deadly Aim, which appears after activation and remains during cooldown?

It would be great indeed.

I put the icons on potions on 7 and 8 (nine and zero bound to up and down mouse wheel). If it weren’t for nullification effect, I wouldn’t need this at all. Even as it is I don’t need it often. You get at least 11 slots if you use force move instead of skill. Minus potions, 9 slots for skills. That would be plenty if I didn’t try to keep my buffs on the mainboard in case of nullfication. Sometimes I remove the energy potion to make room.

It’d be nice but its not priority for me.

For me, every slot on skill panel matters, so i cant use them for mere potions.

I’d also like the cooldowns of health and energy potions to be displayed outside of the skill bar, at least as an option.

With the addition of mobility skills this has become an issue for me even though I use a keybind for force move and LMB as a regular key (or at least when the game allows me to…)