Steam cloud any good?

So was wondering if it is worth it to disable steam cloud and go local save or not, I know it’s a noob question but messing around with files is NOT my thing and I like the hassle free experience the cloud provides. Question is, is it reliable. Has anyone had any problems with the cloud or is it by and large trustworthy? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds, you guys are a great community and very kind to beginners like me!

It’s not reliable and threads where people lose their saves due to it show up regularly.
I highly recommend moving to local saves files and making an additional back-up on pendrive / external drive / etc from time to time.

(you need to turn off cloud saving in both Steam and in Grim Dawn I believe, also check)

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Thank you so much @tqFan, big help!

In that same thread at post 208, I have an alternate method (and visual guide) that details how to both properly disable it and how to reenable and import your saves back in if needed.

How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.

It’s a relatively easy process once you know the steps.

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TY very much sir.I will check it out.

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id disable cloud gaming, i use 1 pc.

it has caused problems, usually fixed by a copy & paste from steams cloud save path to default local saves, and disabling the feature in steam.

if i used more than 1 pc might have diff experience.

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Even then it’s easy enough to move the saves. Just copy the save folder from it’s local save location and paste it into the same location on your other machine.

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Thanks to @powbam for your dummy-proof guide on bypassing the Steam cloud.


I don’t see how cloud saving is unreliable. You can download the saves to your hard drive as well once in a while and simply keep using cloud saving as well. Logically if you only rely on 1 method you increase risk. Saving it in multiple locations is a tip from me when you decide to completely disable cloud saving and when you use cloud saving simply use a backup as well and preferably on different locations as well.

The thing is Cloud Saves have a real risk of losing your progress whereas local saves not so much
so why increase the risk of losing i.e. a 1 week of progress (with local back-ups I mean).

Have a scroll thru that. Almost every bit of it is cloud problems. TBF tho… I am convinced that there IS a bug with GD and updates and/or whenever a person buys the expansions and upgrades and if cloud is enabled in such instances.

Almost every cloud problem and “missing characters” complaint is nearly always after 1) a game update and 2) if someone upgraded their game. Such threads pore in after patches.

you know if your hard drive breaks you loose it all, why not use both? that was my point. I play grim dawn from release without a problem 3500 hours.

I think local saves + occasional copy elsewhere (on another drive) covers it.
I mean you should back-up your pc / laptop data anyway imo.

this was actually what i advised in my post as well.

Even if you don’t use Steam’s cloud, it is child’s play to put them into any other ‘cloud’. Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc. You have tons of options. Or even just slap it on a thumbdrive or an extra hardrive… hell you can even transfer files onto your phone if you really want.

I just meant that I find the probability of Cloud losing your save files higher than local disk failure
so assuming that, keeping the most up-to-date files in Steam Cloud as a primary location
gives you higher chance of losing progress (progress from last local back-up).

i get you but i could make the same argument that backing up your stuff properly and using cloud saving can go hand in hand just the same.

I’m not against using Steam cloud… I’ve never had a problem with it with GD… however, HUNDREDS more have problems with it with GD. I see every thread that gets made about for the past 5 or 6 years on Steam now.

It’s a thing. A thing I really wish Crate would look into. Personally, I think they should rip out their cloud related code and completely rebuild it quite honestly. There is a bug in there and it’s not all Steam’s fault in my thinking.

There was another person that doubted Steam Cloud is unreliable.
And then there were like 5 threads here in some period of time when people had problems with it.
Personally I’d rather lose some progress due to hardware exploding than some stupid software bugs.

All im saying is that its completely your choice as it is not cloud OR local. Or a cloud only game. And reliability keeping your data is completely in your hands regardless of using cloud saving or not. Whats the point of cloud saving? For me its just easy to reinstall without having to take any extra actions. For some local might be needed even for some mods and tools.