Steam Controller Help

Does anyone know how to set up steam controller for this game? I just bought one and I think I will love using it playing GD but I am having hard time importing other peoples configs.

I have the option to enable keypad, firmware all updated etc. The default recommended config from Crate works but nobody elses. I tried to do a google search but no guides or anything came up, just searches of people discussing the controller itself. Would anyone be able to lend a hand it helping me set it up?


Some of the older configurations are likely from before the game has official Steam Controller support, so those likely won’t work.

I suspect that’s what you are seeing. You should be fine with the official config.

Oh ok and I can just modify the official config if I so chose and save it accordingly then yes?

Well my main problem is I can’t even use the official config because when I use the mouse I can play the game as usual, but as soon as I touch my steam controller the hotkeys on bottom of screen disappear and I can’t figure out how to map them…I dunno this is just confusing.

The Xbox360 controls and the Steam controls are very similar.

Just read my guide and you should be able to carry the basic premise over to the Steam controller just fine as far as setting skills.

And yes you can modify the official configuration and use your version.

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Thank you for this, but I wasted almost 4 hours tonight trying to get this stupid controller to work, I still can’t map skills to any of the buttons, but sure enough I move my regular mouse everything goes back to normal and soon as I use the controller I can’t map anything so I will have to read your guide tomorrow since I am so tired.

I will reply back tomorrow for any additional assistance so thanks!

No problem. If you need clarification on anything just ask. The Steam controller actually works pretty good in GD, better than the 360.

A quick read thru the guide should enlighten you on how it works in GD and then after that it should be smooth sailing.

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I have no idea if this is your problem but I was at first using the right joystick to get into UI mode and then trying to move the mouse cursor with the left joystick…that does not work, the mouse cursor moves with the right joystick. Once I figured that out, I was able to map skills in UI mode.

Ok Powbam and Jiaco I got it to work, I just didn’t understand how the UI mouse part worked. I am now assigning keys like I wanted so thanks to you both for that and the guide.

It really feels like I will like the controller but its all foreign still and very weird. I guess it will take some time to get used to.