Storm totem druid build

I’m planning a storm totem based build.

Here is my planning.

Any advice on this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You cannot have Stormcaller`s Pact and Star Pact at the same time - these are exclusive skills, which means only one can be active

Something like the following makes more sense to me (if you are going the melee route, which is kind of odd for Druid):

I have to warn you that this build will not be able to beat Ultimate this way - Druids aren`t fond of close fight at all :). Have a look of my lightning/cold caster druid build:

Wind Devil + Reckless Tempest
Storm Totem + Blizzard
Throzans Sky Shard + Arcane Bomb Star Pact + Giants Blood
Maivens Sphere of Protection + Wayward Soul Mogdrogens Pact + Turtle Shell

Thanks already for those advices already :slight_smile:

Indeed I first thought about playing range, then playing 2H melee.

Btw, I have difficulties to understand Thunderous strike.
I feel like those modifiers apply to my characters.

I do not understand very much the point of weapon damage reduction ?


Without Thunderous strike you can use Primal strike only every 3 seconds as it has 3 seconds recharge time. Thunderous strike removes that cooldown but with some penalty of course.

Trying to stick to his original idea as much as I could while trying to make him ultimate-viable, what do you guys think of this?

I have to try it, but think it could be ultimate-viable as 2H melee like he wanted. Arcanist-line primarily for Star Pact (feel it’s better than Stormcaller’s especially if he wants to use storm totem in spite of pesky conversion – actually kind of at a loss here between those two) and Maiven’s/mirror, max out shaman defense, wendigo, and savagery over PS so that he can really tank (can get AoE from procs if he wants) – only leaves damage in question.

… devotion setup heavy on the offensive since his masteries give him tons of survivability, Kraken included obv along with spear and a debuff… tons of physique for % healing… feels a little bit messy in terms of damage sources – physical/lightning fighting with general elemental – maybe stormcaller’s is better and just use Arcanist mainly for defensive line, spirit/OA boost, and some auxiliary boosts like arcane will.

I’d actually lose the storm totem and distribute points elsewhere but kept it in there to try not to deviate way too wildly from his idea.

Whatever the end result I think the masteries are predominantly going to be shaman – probably best to try to level up mostly as a pure shaman and go slow and easy with the arcanist masteries as needed. To me it’s actually maiven’s and mirror that is the highlight of the arcanist side followed by inner spirit for OA. I don’t think this build really suffers survivability – I’m just a bit confused with a druid about purifying the damage which is generally going to be physical/lightning unless there’s going to be a heavy focus on physical->elemental. Warder and Conjurer to me are quite a bit more intuitive to me for 2H melee shaman.

EDIT: second try if we can drop storm totems which were confusing me a lot – 5 points free to play with:

Cannot say for sure, has to be tested. Although with latest build the Arcanist mastery is not useful - almost no damage buffing skills are developed.

thanks again for the info and advices :slight_smile:

I confirm the Storm totem is a requirement, while playing melee is not.
I have just played few levels with a crossbow and it is quite effective so I can stick with 2H distance weapon.

As Stormcaller and Stars pacts are exclusive I think I will stick with Star for the lightning damage.
I put points in Nullify for the cool down reduction and Mirror to get some more retalliation but indeed I do not have a retaliation build.

I can reduce those to 1 which frees some points but I do not know where to place them (I do not think I need a spell actually if I can spam primal strike and I will get the totems anyway, so either a pet - which would have no boost, or Maiven maybe for better protection as “ranged” char ?).
Also, I guess if I choose to go for distance weapon I do not need the Mogdrogen line, or at least not maxed, right ?


Forgot to post my v2 build:

somme feedback and a question :slight_smile:

My char is around level 30 now and I have a lot of fun playing him.
I do not know how it will turn in higher difficulties but up to here I love how it plays.

Here is his current build:

I deviated a bit by taking “Olexra’s Flash Freeze”. It is quite useful.

I use a range weapon with Primal Strike.

I crafted the Glacier relic to complement.
I hesitated with “Squall”.

Regarding constellations I currently have Tsunami on the totem + raven and empty throne.

I was primarily hoping to be able to take 2 of the tier 3:
Blind Sage and Aeon’s Hour glass.
But it looks like it is not possible so I hesitate.

I’m now thinking going in the direction of Blind Sage.


I’ve recently finished an ultimate run with a storm totem/lightning build. It was a Shaman/Occultist, but the occultist element was basically unnecessary.

Storm Totem is very good, if it supplements other lightning damage sources. Low investment, adds lots of DoTs, and allows you to do other things while it works. I particularly enjoyed tying the Reckless Tempest devotion to the storm totem to finish off monsters who were injured by DoT’s.

A problem might arise with your 2h build though. 2h is melee oriented(of course). And in Elite and beyond, you will find it increasingly difficult to survive melee unless you treat yourself as full-on brawler. With devotions, gear, and materia that support your ability to take damage. For now it’s okay, but don’t expect the big-stick-swinging fun to last.

Later on, by around mid-Elite, I would suggest deciding whether you’re a caster who runs away(and cannot use Primal Strike without serious risk), or if you’re a brawler who will be able to use Primal Strike a few times before needing to retreat.

In either case, focusing your damage stats will be necessary. Don’t bother with abilities that are not lightning/cold if you’re going caster, and consider the Wind Devil particularly: It slows down the monsters running at you. I found it surprising crucial and a powerful defensive tool. Slows really were necessary by the end, for me. Even in all-heavy armor, a filled out Mogdrogens line, and more defensive perks, i’d still die quickly.

If you’re going caster, then plan NOT to use the Savagery line by Ultimate. It’s benefits require you to swing melee hits, and make savagery stacks. This is impossible when A) things die too fast to your lightning, and B) melee is too much a risk. Particularly since those things that don’t immediately die can sometimes kill you in two or three hits. Primal Strike is more forgiving in this regard, as you can run in, hit once, and run away. But if you’ve gone the caster route, then your points will be better off elsewhere.

For devotions, the elemental Seeker is very good for a caster. Wind Devil + Elemental Storm is exceptional. And of course Reckless Tempest + Storm Totem will take you through all of Veteran and most of Elite, ending fights as soon as they start. It is possible to gain all three, but if you do, you will not have sufficient defensive devotions to be a brawler.

I also tried out Heavenly Spear - This could be beneficial for a melee character, but the investment is difficult to manage, particularly if you also want defensive devotions. For a caster though? No good.

that’s extensive information :slight_smile:

Actually I play with a range 2H tied to Primal Strike so more like a caster.
Certainly not in melee (I hesitated a bit in the beginning, but range is nice :slight_smile: ).

I hesitated for Mogdrogen but you took it, so I will keep it too.

Indeed I was tempted by Rhowan’s crown and you confirm Blind sage is ok :slight_smile:

I will stick with Eldritch/Ascendant constellations from now on.