Stormcaller's Pact / % Frostburn Damage

I was a little baffled by this even before Star Pact was available as a Druid option. Why does Stormcaller’s Pact add % Frostburn Damage when none of the Shaman’s skills have that damage type? Sure, it provides some synergies with Arcanist, Nightblade, and various items and Devotion, but from what I can tell, it’s the only class skill that has something its class can’t take advantage of. Here are some other options I’ve thought of:

  • Adding Frostburn somewhere in Wind Devil would be a little better, but I still think that’s not very fitting for Shaman.
  • Replace the %Frostburn with straight Lightning damage, or the chance of it. An obvious candidate that fits the skill.
  • My favorite option is to replace it with a chance to stun and/or disrupt skills, which I think fits well thematically with the skill and the Shaman in general.

Thanks for your time.