Story background of the "other" game

I just (I’m kinda drunk) thought about the idea of having that (hopefully) upcoming town builder game set in the GRIM DAWN universe. MAYBE Crate is tired of this universe… But if not: Think about the epic background story they’ve already created. I probably read at least 95% of the lore in Grim Dawn. It is epic, as well as the obvious setting (for those who don’t like to read the lore :). Comparing this to Warcraft 1-3, which was the foundation of WOW, I can only laugh at Warcraft. I surely don’t want another WOW or Warcraft 4, don’t get me wrong (It is boring like Diablo 3 =WoW 2). But you must admit that this background would have many advantages. Grim Dawn - as far as I know - has a HUGE fan base. The devs are sympathetic, and the love they put into GD is almost uncomparable - binding players long-time to this company. I bet most people in this group would love to spend their money on a town builder set in the universe they already love, but it would be attractive to other people, too. You spare yourself (some) time in creating a story, and the factions would be already trivial. What do you people think? :slight_smile:

PS: I could’t understand them wanting to create something completely different as well. :slight_smile:

It’s nothing to do with the GD universe.

Here’s a thread with what we know so far - which ain’t much.

Part of the reason for this is Medierra doesn’t want the company relying on the one franchise to bring in the cash. He wants a broad range of games in their portfolio.

Ah, interesting. But I think the (maybe) wanted independency comes with a risk. Creating something completely new gives them almost no bonus to sales, as opposed to an already created franchise, which has a certain “fan” bonus already. It is understable they might choose this “new” path, nevertheless.

True, but people also get burnt out doing the same thing year after year after year. The team have been working on the game for 7 years now and it’s still not completely finished. Medierra himself took a step back a few years ago to work on the town builder because he was beginning to feel burnt out after working on ARPGs for 14 years. The guys at Crate are a great team and it would be a shame if they looked for somewhere else to work because they’re fed up, bored or burnt out.

Yes, it’s a risk, but so is relying on the one franchise where, if something goes wrong, the company may not have enough time/money to correct it.

Medierra gave a more detailed response back in November 2016 in this thread

“Yes, it’s a risk, but so is relying on the one franchise where, if something goes wrong, the company may not have enough time/money to correct it.”

The risk might be destroying the franchise, but in terms of money it shouldn’t be much of a problem. (Look at former good franchises that got “rekt” by EA :slight_smile: The fan bonus saved many productions in terms of money, but destroyed the trust in the franchise…)

But this is all dumb theory that can never hold up to reality. Who knows what would happen. Customers are chaotic. Crate will probably do something completely different, which I can fully understand. But maybe in the future, we’ll see a GRIM DAWN town builder/strategy game, too :slight_smile: I’d buy it for sure <3

I’m confident: As long as these devs love what they are doing, the outcome will be more than satisfying.

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i’d rather crate team try making some new ip to get some time away from developing grim dawn and refresh their life rather than grim dawning every ip they make.
if the new ip is good, crate team will get new profitable franchise that will also help grim dawn series in the long run.
if the new ip is bad, at least crate team still get the experience and skills to make other new games, and recharge their energy to develop grim dawn franchise better.
hopefully it won’t be like gearbox’s battleborn fail of a franchise (due to overwatch competition) which forces gearbox to rely almost completely on their fan favorite borderlands franchise for gearbox’s survival. town building genre isn’t a very crowded niche, but the genre allows big room for creativity and isn’t really the place for furious hardcore score race competition.

2019 is ending. Hoping for an xmas reveal.

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So you can make another whine thread about a different game? Sorry, couldn’t resist.