Strange fog effect in Burrwitch Village and other places

I’ve seen this several times after starting a new session and taking the rift to Burrwitch Village. The upper half of the screen is covered in a fog, the lower half isn’t. The fog then dissipates in a weird way, like it’s being pushed to the north.

I’ve seen a similar effect in some SR chunks but there the fog effect dissipates much quicker and I wasn’t able to capture it there. I will try to capture both effects on video when I see them again.

my graphics settings

I’ve encountered this issue on the live version many times across many patches, but only ever in SR, not campaign. Happened in a variety of chunks after exiting the entrance rift, just like you describe.

seen it happen in MC too btw (pre 1.2), always thought it was related to my system slow “loading in”/initial rendering of zones.
Reason i say that/think it might been such a thing was the thing i’ve mentioned before, re stuttering in specific spots/zone loading, about sometimes being able to see enemies delayed spawn ins, where they will just pop in out of nowhere in certain spots, like dermapteran spawn right outside homestead farm side gate on first encounter etc

This is what can happen if you transition from one “environment” to another rapidly (ie. by teleporting). Basically the game transitions from one scene to the other and you see this swipe effect.

If you ever teleport to the Korvan Basin from something gloomy like Ugdenbog, it can be quite jarring.

ok that explains it. I only wonder why I never noticed it before until now in the playtest. Nothing else changed on my end.

I don’t think the swipe effect is working correctly in these rare instances though. I’ve had this “half-screen fog wall” stay like that for 10-20 seconds where I essentially don’t see what I’m walking into if I go north. Usually the effect isn’t noticable, but sometimes it lingers and starts fading with movement, and sometimes it just stays like that for a good while.