Strange Grava kill - please help me understand


Build: Standard Runebinder set Rune of Haggarad vindicator

I had a strange Grava Kill the other day at 0:18 into the video he dies (looses about 20% health) in the blink of an eye without visual effect of a Rune explosion :open_mouth: what happened?! xD

I have been watching this clip over and over again at 25% speed but can still not figure out what is happening, please help LOL

It looks lie a crit from your Auto attack. Hard to say since you don’t have crit numbers enabled :slight_smile: I judged by the moment the purple projectile fshot from your weapon hits him right before sec 19 mark

There is also one of the lightning bolts from above that hits him first and immediately after was the shot from his gun. It looks like the lightning is what took the majority of the health and his gunshot snagged the last bit.

Edit: actually the lightning and a gunshot hit simultaneously so its hard to tell which got the crit… maybe both, followed by one last gunshot that got the actual kill (or it could be that some form of DoT drains the last bit). It all happens fairly quick.

So a projectile from the Rune Binder weapon (10k dmg with crit like x 1.5) or a lightning from a level 1 Maelstrom? xD too low damage, even if they hit at the same time and crits

I have noticed that sometimes, from some angles, the RoH explosion animation is not shown on screen - that is my biggest suspicion in this case

I do not play with dmg or crit numbers since they are in the way too much, same with auto showing of loot. I only record with those on for demonstration purposes and this was recorded only for my own analysis and amusement but the strange anomaly made me ask here :stuck_out_tongue: I mean if I were to brag about at 13 sec grava kill I would for sure have turned on dmg and crit numbers xD

I also suspect it was a RoH kill because throughout the video none of the other skills spike down Grava health on that level; only RoH did.

I have killed him before this video, and after: it takes 4-5 RoH to kill him, thus it makes sense that one RoH was responsible for that instant removal of 20-25% health.

Well then…that’s probably it. I was so focused on watching the other shit I wasnt even noticing the RoH. Could it have been a DoT crit from it? Because yeah…you don’t see an animation for it at that point.

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