Strange missing floor

I don’t have floor! I can levitate! XD
This happened with, in korvan city


Yeah I experienced the exact same thing after the hotfix. It was around the last shrine before Tomb of the Korvaak. No terrain, just black emptiness, void… I thought the cthonians but it’s a bug I guess.

its only me?, it’s steam version

Nope, I had that too, there is a terrain bug in that place that needs a fast intervention.

The floor is missing in that area, and its consistent. This began happening after the latest hotfix. Verifying the game files didn’t affect it. Running from GOG.

Had the same issue in Korvan city right next to where the Gryphon King spawns, where the trove is.

Glad to see I’m not the only one with the issue. Thought my card was dying.

Tried to verify on steam and its a no go.

You guys should all post screenshots of your Video Settings…

Maybe there’s a common denominator/setting “value” you all share?? (just guessing)

But even it is, it means a setting doesn’t work as it should be so it’s a bug and again it needs fixing urgently.

I’m also having this spacey background in SR, at first enter all normal, then these stars bring down like a curtain. Not sure it is a bug though.

I never said it wasn’t a bug…

But after they made those changes/fixes to the graphics in the latest hotfix, maybe one Setting variation was overlooked…

Soooo, you guys posting your settings might help the developers narrow it down.

Posting my settings in case its of use.

But if it is a setting issue, then it should be everywhere not just in single place. Anyone who has the same problem with me in SR?

Not necessarily, it could be a particular set of textures for that area etc.

Perhaps in combination with certain Settings - set’s off the glitch.

So you don’t have this terrain issue? To best way to learn that is related to video settings is that we find some people who don’t have the issue and ask them their settings, so if you don’t have this, send your settings image so we can compare.

I’m waiting on Grim Internals to get updated so I haven’t let Steam update yet, sorry!

my settings if it matters…

For now, all of us using deferred rendering enabled. But still, I think it is just more than settings. I can’t play rn, anyone who can try to go there with disabled deferred rendering?

There you go. I normally play non-deferred and have no floor there either. Actual GPU is Radeon HD 7750. Drivers hide this name for some reason.