Strange Set Bonus

The Unholy Covenant set give all pets a percentage to vitality damage. The only think I can think of used to be the old raise the Dead devotion, but that has been changed to no longer scale off of pet bonuses.

What the heck is that bonus for?

Maybe upcoming expansion’s new mastery’s summons attack damage type?:rolleyes::eek:

Might be an oversight, when Raise the Dead was changed. However, if you equip Necromancer’s Deathgrips, then you have pets dealing vitality damage.

For the hybryd vit-pet build
You welcome

From what I’ve read in the forums, and correct me if this is not true, as I’ve seen multiple people confirm it without solid testing, but devotion procs that are assigned to pets have their damage based on the pet % damage instead of player % damage. In that sense, when you take a devotion proc like the Bat constellation and assign it to your pet, the +Vitality Damage bonus helps increase the damage of that devotion proc when your pet uses it.

That is something that would be really nice going over in the Advanced Mechanics forum, seeing how pets interact with various skills.

That’s pretty much how hybrids work, combined with the use of party-wide buffs and debuffs. I suppose it’s not very intuitive for new players but experienced players should already be aware of the concept, even if they don’t use pets.