Strong Versatile Purifier Build Currently?

Started the game with a Warder, but Purifier was the first class I got to 100 and began to endgame farm seriously with, using the ulzuin/dagallon fire strike combo before the ulzuin rework. Since then my purifier has been eclipsed by my totem vindicator, which is by far my strongest build and the one I use for all my farming. I have come back to the purifier and tried various things, full dagallon fs, various justice builds, 2h rifle, gun+shield and dual pistol fs variants, various casters including canister and grenado, sadly I missed the brief time when the ulzuin set was super op. Currently trying to make a 2h Barthollem’s warmaul build work, but not having much success. In short I can’t find a build for my purifier which is as strong and versatile as my vindicator. For me the issues with purifier always seem to be how skill point hungry the combo is and how squishy the builds tends to be, always around 12k hp relying on circuit breakers and kiting to survive. If you play Purifier let me know what build you’re running, looking for something versatile that can handle all content.


Use my

Just use Bane Relic now