Strongest Expansion Builds

Ok, for those who have had a chance to play multiple new builds in the expansion, are any standing out so far? Right now with the amount of theorycrafting being done and new posts popping up left and right, it’s hard to to get an idea what is actually successful in act 5 ultimate. Currently, I’m running a dual pistol purifier, and he was fine for clearing all the normal quests, but he’s a bit squishy against any new nemesis, with absolutely no chance against super bosses and the like. Can any current build handle Kupacabra without a dozen deaths or a half hour kiting? Or survive Aleksander’s meteor? I’m just curious how different builds are performing, so any info is welcome.

Haven’t been able to settle into a character and play that far, but in my opinion from a lot of making builds and early game, Tactician. It’s not even peanut butter and chocolate. It’s like someone stacked a fancier chocolate bar onto your chocolate bar and made a super chocolate bar. In a lot of ways Warder is probably as good, and better for 2h, but Tactician is really smooth and nicely buffs both defense and offense. Shaman/Necro is nice, and with other changes looks like it makes ADCH viable late game, but that’s more like fixing a problem than ‘better’. Purifier guns or grenades is also just kind of a straight up ‘like previous demo builds but better’, imo.

Death Knight, I can only assume the developers hate WoW and made intentionally a joke.

^ Ha ha Death Knight observation is on the money.

I dont know about new builds since Im yet to make one, but with a old one I play Im farming both Kupa and Aleks for pants, Alex is 100% facetankable, Kupas first two phases also, third phase you need to kite a bit but noting to serious, they go down pretty fast.

My Vitality Forcewave Death Knight that can down some Nemeses in around 30 seconds demands an apology.

But seriously (the part about downing Nemeses in 30 second is actually true though), Death Knight has terrible itemization and hopefully something done about it in the upcoming updates. Aether Death Knight is actually probably pretty good.

Pierce Tactician, either dual wield or sword and shield, and retaliation are some of the new strongest builds.

overall id just say all existing builds need bit more defensive setup, but oh more devotion, skill, and attributes point you know ? cold shadow strike spellbreaker still wrecks the game; tactician is ok but i guess it will depend on which build … lots of buffs to existing build, lots of damage conversion on items which is nice, and may have to wait a bit for the “real” builds to come out since there is just so much to try out…

my blademaster can handle that beast nemesis and survive without dying but its kinda rng and wont happen each time i run on it: just the cast of warcry can make kill him,really have to hit NON STOP to keep the char alive somehow, since kitting means death.
same goes for elite ravager,didnt bothered in ult for him since he dropped me the purple helm in elite :wink:

but to me,any well built char is successfull in act 5, as always in GD i wanna say; nemesis, ravager/mogdrogen is another story, alexander meteor OS you ?avoid it you know. or just go crazy high DA + HP or retaliation and grab a coffee

Well i guess that depends on what kind of build you’re running with. For me, when kupa starts using that breath attack i’m gone even if i try to kite. Last time i killed it i died like 6-8 times. My gear is far from optimized though so we’ll see how it goes some day if i happen to get something nice.

or just some of the few 1.2 builds posted

Still in Veteran but Cabalist summoner is destroying everything a lot better then Conjurer summoner ever did.

It always depends on what kind of build you are running. Seriously, If you have that problems usually there are two things: you are badly undergeared or your build is not optimized to do such things.
Things I wrote I was doing w/o any piece of new mythical gear on the used build.

Pistol and shield pierce build is going pretty strong for me right now on my Tactician. Haven’t even come close to death. Certainly not as fast as my previous playthrough as a Blademaster.

Not sure what “best” is but I just ran the DLC for the first time today and used an existing tri-element sab I built a looooong time ago using Jajaja’s guide. I ran straight through ultimate with only dying once because I wasn’t paying attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not very exciting [to me] since it doesn’t use either new class and I was running the entire time with my OLD gear as I had no mythical drops to replace any pieces sadly.

Aether DK could be good with the Krieg gear, but you’re giving up access to a lot of +skill to Reckless Power, and Reckless Power itself by being necro instead of arcanist, and Harbinger is out because the vit conversion mixed in would dump your damage. The physical support of the set is good, and matched by the aether support, but it also converts a good chunk of your abilities to aether making Reckless over Oleron or Menhir a really serious contender. On the other hand, since trauma doesn’t convert because no aether dot, Oleron is probably the way to go. Hmm. That actually is probably better than I was originally giving it credit for despite not making use of half the +skills on the set. Also lets you use the transmuter on siphon. Hmm. I need to revisit that. I don’t see why the Krieg set couldn’t have had an alternate set of +necro skills like a lot of the mythical gear, still, but that’s…actually sounding a lot closer to workable than I gave it credit for the first few times I looked at it. Not sure I feel like it’d be equal to just being a battlemage instead but…maybe. Maybe.

Some of the strongest I have seen so far are Ptirodaktill’s - Spellbinder, jajaja’s - electro warder, pierce tacticians in general, and one I will not speak about on forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

Death Knight, I can only assume the developers hate WoW and made intentionally a joke.

I died… lol

I’ve been playing a dual wield pistol Apostate (Insquisitor/Necromancer). Focusing on damage and tanking. I have all the passive procs from both classes, Bone Harvest, Aura of Conviction (15% phys resist), Inquisitor Seal (much better than anticipated), and Siphon life (has OA debuff to help tank).

At level 91, and still face tanking everything through Ultimate, but not in AoM yet, on Ultimate.

Loving my apostate so far. Class surprised the hell out of me.

I originally chose both classes simply to get an idea of what they offered. I was expecting to reroll Inquisitor without Necromancer long before now, but it turns out that Necromancer has enough to offer to keep me playing it.

Can you post your build for this? I am interested in using the new class. Just started playing today and would like to follow a guide.

I love how people adapted to calling him KuPacabra and no Kubacabra, his actual name.

Anyway, I’ll go ahead and shamelessly promote my retaliation build, since it plowed through expansion content like butter on Ultimate. I killed more than 10 Nemesises, including most of the new ones. And I killed Ravager.
Haven’t tried Mog yet, but I don’t think he will be a problem. Also, this is one of the few melee builds that tanks Rashalga without flinching.
The only problem so fat are ranged heroes, which take forever to kill, but this is a balance, so I won’t complain.

Next, I really like Fluff’s Blademaster, even though I would work on it’s DA specifically to prepare the build for expansion more. However, it’s DPS is incredible so I believe it will be fast and deadly.

I’ll post my spec later, but keep in mind it’s not exactly optimized, but it does work pretty darn well…so far.