Struggling with build ideas. Please help!

New to the game and have in my head how I want to play, but I don’t really know how to go about it, and could please use advice from the pros!

I want to go Melee, and want to be able to switch viably between two weapon sets for different situations, i.e. 1-hander and shield and two-handed, (or 1 hander and shield and ranged - if any builds permit this). This is because I want to have fun using the maximum different types of gear, and not have to stick to one weapon type all the time.

I want also don’t want to be gear dependent as I have little time to play and can’t spend forever farming gear, but would like to be able to use vendor/drops.

I don’t want to be too OP and at no risk of dying either, as that doesn’t seem very fun to me.

I want to go soldier and something, and like the idea of warder, commando, or battlemage (never been too keen on summoning, so not sure about witchblade).

I see the beginners physical warder build on here. Would that be suitable? Can you use different weapons or is it restricted to 2 handers.

Thanks a lot for any advice! :slight_smile:

Go with shaman first , primal strike your way to finishing normal to get a good idea of the game

Check the versatile commando and piercing primal strike conjurer. First one is in the compendum, second probably not but frequently at the top, page 1-2

Great thanks a lot i’ll look into that.

GD doesn’t support the play-style you want very well. If you go 1H+shield you have to put a significant investment of skill points and gear into getting value out of your shield. So when you then switch to the 2H, you are underpowered.

It works better to go 2H and switch between melee and ranged. The beginner 2H Warder you referenced can be played this way. It’s probably the least gear dependent of the builds out there right now.

You can beat the game with self-found gear. If you don’t have a lot of time to farm then you don’t need to worry about being OP. The biggest problem with GD is that the drops are pretty sparse. This is not a game where you will be turning your gear over frequently.

You can also craft gear at the blacksmiths. The yellow recipes can give you green gear. This is a good way to fill in gaps.

Thanks for the last reply. I was just coming back to say I had reached this exact decision! After playing with Grimcalc for an hour, I realised shaman skills were equally suitable for 2 handers or rifles, ie. savagery or primal strike, whereas for demolitionist, the fire strike upgrades don’t give their full power on melee attacks. so warder it is! Thanks for all the useful comments!

There’s an amazing rifle for this build called Vortex of Souls. You can look at it in the equipment database.